FTAX Blog Celebration, FL accountants and auditors are often mistaken as being the same. Although the professions are similar in some ways, there are also some differences to help distinguish between the two.


Auditors and accountants in Celebration, FL both have the same job of ensuring that small and large businesses function properly. These two professions are in-charge of taking care of financial information and record keeping. They are required to precisely and accurately examine and analyze the information for the company.

The Job Description of Accountants

The accountant is responsible for bookkeeping, paying bills, and managing the payroll of the company. Moreover, they also prepare the balance sheets, financial reports, and profit and loss statements. Their job also entails examining trends, revenues, and costs. Many businesses have started to hire accountants to handle their financial records.

An individual can contact an accountant in Celebration, FL to assist them with their finances and taxes. The accountant can tell you about the services they provide as they have a better understanding of the type of services a business needs. Therefore, this makes the accountant more competent in offering solutions to problems associated with tax strategies, utilization, and predicting budget forecasts.

The Job Description of Auditors

An auditor examines the financial data and procedures. They ensure that all the procedures carried out by the company meet with the guidelines set by the government. Moreover, their work consists of identifying accounting or documentation errors. They recommend procedures to companies to improve policies by researching on issues. Also, both accountants and auditors equally have a huge responsibility in maintaining a company’s financial records.

Accountants and auditors need to be critical thinkers. Critical thinkers are detail-oriented thinkers. They must have a keen sense to identify errors and come up with solutions to solve or prevent them from occurring in the future.

Another quality an accountant and auditor must have is good written and communication skills. This is a necessary quality to have since they have to interact with a variety of departments at a company.

Working Life of Accountants

If you seek the services of an accountant in Celebration, FL, then you will find them in the office working long hours. Accountants who are self-employed or own their own accounting firm are more likely to work late, especially, during tax season. While an accountant works mostly in the office, an auditor travels around the world.

Working Life of Auditors

Auditors spend a majority of their travelling by planes, talking on the phone, and meeting business partners. They work not only in private sectors such as businesses, but also in government sectors. Another thing in common they both have is that a majority of them are self-employed or working in accounting firms. In addition, auditors and accountants also teach in schools and universities.

A company can employ an accountant in Celebration, FL or an auditor by looking at their experience and educational backgrounds. With that said, accountants and auditors have proven to be the vital assets of a company.

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