When you first hear the term CPA Orlando, there are a few thoughts that pop up in most heads simultaneously. The problem with these thoughts though is that they are not based on fact or reality. In the accounting industry, there are a number of misconceptions and myths are going about CPA’s in Orlando these days. These myths have been creating stereotypes in the mind of the common man against CPA in Orlando.

This blog will outline and clear some of the common myths about an Orlando CPA.


Orlando CPA Myth #1: There is a job shortage for CPAs

The way the current economic crisis is shaping up, it would be a miracle for a job industry to continue to thrive without being affected. Having said that, this has not had the requisite negative effect on the accountancy profession and it continues to go strong. According to multiple agencies, around 90% of all the CPAs are able to find a suitable job.

In fact, standing in stark contrast to the myth, the government observatory bodies have outlined that from 2010 to 2020, the rate of job increase in this industry will be 15%. This highlights the bright future for CPA in Orlando.

Orlando CPA Myth #2: CPAs can only be employed in Accountancy firms

Another misconception that has grown stronger over the years is that CPAs are only able to work in accountancy firms. While it is true that most of the work done by a CPA in Orlando is regulated by accountancy firms and a large number of CPAs do work in such firms, but  it cannot be said that their scope is limited to only that.

A good qualified CPA is the backbone of a successful business company. They pull the financial strings of any business that they operate in. CPAs can be used by a company in roles other than that of an  accountant, with some being employed as advisors while others able to move up to the company’s executive management.

Orlando CPA Myth #3: Their work is related to what has happened in the Past

Typically, it is believed that accountants and CPA only handle the book keeping and analysis of a business’s finances. CPAs are thought of as people who are only useful to file tax returns while using what has happened in the past, i.e. expenses, incomes, etc. While CPA’s in Orlando are tasked with doing all the stuff mentioned above, it is not the only thing they do.

An important part of the CPAs job is to plan for the future finances of the company. They are tasked with highlighting steps that can be taken to enhance the financial picture or aid in creating strategic plans for the business to move ahead.

Orlando CPA Myth #4: Their job is Boring

One of the leading misconceptions about CPAs is related to the nature of their job. People believe that the job of a CPA in Orlando is restraining and boring, one that has very little appreciation and recognition. While this might have been true in the past half a century, things have changed in the last decade or so. With some CPAs having went on to win Emmy Awards for direction and others running large companies as CEOs, the job of a CPA is anything but underappreciated and restrained.

Even in their typical job, they handle the most important aspect of any business, that is, its finances and are constantly in the eye of the storm, never having a dull moment.  All of this makes their job challenging, enriching and fulfilling.

Orlando CPA Myth #5: CPAs are only Men

This is an ulterior motive myth designed to create a bad impression for the profession. It should be rejected vehemently. Yes, the world continues to face and fight the menace of gender bias that has been part of society for a very long time. That, however, does not mean that every profession is affected by it. The CPA profession is completely free of any such bias. As far as CPAs in Orlando are concerned, the proportion of male to female is roughly the same.

In fact, the nature of the job and its need for mental instead of physical strength means that it is an ideal career choice for young women.

Orlando CPA Myth #6: CPAs have to be good at Math

This is one myth that has been going on for a very long time. For decades and more, people have considered accountancy to be an advanced branch of mathematics. It is believed that the profession is full of complex calculations and is all about numbers. While it does have some elements of fact about it, the myth is not entirely true.

Yes, accountancy involves a host of calculations, but the profession of a CPA in Orlando is not based on that alone. They are tasked with putting the financial pieces of a business together and analyzing them to see what they indicate. They will take a look at the credit and account details, problems of cash flow and position of the business’s expenses. Increasingly, CPAs are being made financial advisor, a role that involves little or no complex calculations whatsoever.

Orlando CPA Myth # 7: CPAs are not in contact with People

When you ask the average person to describe a typical CPA, they will show them to be a shy person, who is more or less an introvert, happy with their work with no public interaction and social life. This image though is far from the facts. In the world today, the growing collaborations and interactivity between departments and business means that no employee can work in solitude.

A good CPA in Orlando will be an able communicator and a through socialite. Their work involves analysis and handling of finances which needs them to communicate along the lines of business extensively.

Myths are myths and need to be treated as such. The profession of a CPA is based on utmost respect, sincerity, and trust. They are highly qualified individuals with a bearing on financial issues and myths about them that aren’t dispensed can affect their reputation and performance.

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