Who are the Big Four?

The Big Four is usually the term given to the four largest accounting and auditing firms in the world. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young and KPMG. These certified public accounting (CPA) firms are responsible for performing majority of audits that are required by U.S. corporations with publicly traded stocks.

What do the Big Four do?

The Big Four are mainly concerned with providing following services to various firms:

  • Auditing – Auditing is the main field from which the Big Four derive their revenue. When you are working as an auditor for any of the big four firms, your main responsibility will be to service your assigned client. You will be either assigned to a team or given full responsibility at a time to work on your assigned client. You will also be subject to a “busy season”, which is referred as that time of year when audits are due which leads to tremendous increase in workload, hours and stress for a couple of months. Auditors usually work from the client site or office rather than the firm’s office. Traveling is subject to the client you are specified and the assignment you are handling.
  • Tax Services – Providing tax services is the second traditional service that the accounting firm Orlando offers. The Big Four provide tax services to clients that do not avail auditing services. The Big Four mainly focus on large clients because of their size, recognition and the scope of the work. If you are involved in tax services, your home office will mainly be based at the firm rather than the client’s office.
  • Advisory – The Advisory group is mainly concerned with forecasting the financial health of the firm and predicting the future for the firm. The Advisory Group is divided into three groups consisting of the “Risk” group, the “IT Risk and Outsourcing” and “ Consulting”. Trained Professionals in the risk group mainly consist of CPA’s and work as internal auditors. Secondly, is the “IT Risk and Outsourcing” group. Experts in this service group provide services like technology audits, IT process outsourcing and support services to others. Lastly, the Consulting services provide financial advice in the area of business process improvement to optimize the business operations.
  • Other – Other services include transaction services, outsource account services, advice on real estate and others.

Who do they Hire?

The Big Four mainly look for college graduates and individuals who have a degree or experience in accounting or finance field. If you are a have passed a CPA, ACCA or CIMA examination and have achieved certification, then you can consider a prospective job in their firm. Besides educational qualification, they look for leadership, interpersonal and decision-making skills.

The Big Four provide a great opportunity to work for and advance your career. If you are looking for career advancement in the field of finance and accounting then the Big Four is certainly the place for you to work for. Along with the job comes an array of perks like certification, experience and recognition.

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