Are you done with your tax return in Kissimmee and expect a refund on them? This will be so when you have paid more taxes than what you actually owe and so the government will return your money to you. Yes, we know it really is a great feeling when you see the positive number at the end of your tax return Kissimmee. The problem is that there are some cases in which the IRS does not give you this refund. Sounds bad? Yes, we know, so how do you avoid it? By assuring that none of the following situations turn out to be true in your case.

Your tax return Kissimmee contains errors

Despite the increase in awareness and the consequences, there are still many people who make mistakes on their tax return Kissimmee. When you do this, the IRS will delay your refund and you will get it after ages. The most common errors are an incorrect filing status, a wrong social security number or not providing supporting document for deductions and credits.

Before your file your tax return Kissimmee, go through it thoroughly and make sure you have either given incorrect information nor missed out a field. Also ensure that the form has been signed at the end.

You owe taxes of past years

We know you are not going to like this, but it actually is the truth. The IRS are not the ones who forget and let go. So if there was ever a time when you did not pay back taxes in the past, the IRS will remember it even now. If you are entitled to a refund, they will just use the amount to decrease your tax debt.  What makes it more unpleasing is the fact that until all the due amount is paid off, you never will get any refund.

You did not pay the require child support

Okay so you might have been paying all your taxes in the past year, but did you pay the child support amount as well? If you have already done this, no issues, but if you have not, the government will use your refund to balance the situation. It will be sometime before they realize this, but when they do, you can sure as hell forget your refund. Instead the amount will be used to pay child support on your behalf, even if your child is not over 18 years, and it is not due on them legally anymore.

You failed in paying off your student loans

Ever availed a student loan in the past? Did you pay it back or do you yet have a remaining balance? If you have failed in keeping up with your monthly payments, the IRS will just send your refund over to your lender instead of depositing it in your account. You might be surprised at this, but these agencies do maintain touch with each other and though it may not happen instantly, it will eventually be the case once your debt is realized.

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