The Negotiation

As a tax preparation Orlando specialist, I often advise my clients that they have every right to ask your tax accountant in Orlando for a reasonable price quote or an estimate in writing. This needs to get out of the way before the tax preparation Orlando begins. You can also ask your tax accountant to let you know in advance, before the fee exceeds the one you have in mind.

When attempting to seek the lowest price, it is good practice to call various tax preparation Orlando or accounting firms to get a general feel for their fee ranges. You may not get an exact price quote, but you should be able to get them to quote a price or price range that’s ideal or fair for your tax situation. Some Orlando accounting firms actually charge higher prices during their peak days, just so you know. This would be the weeks leading up to the W-2 forms that are mailed, and the weeks prior to the April 15th deadline. Therefore these are considered the busiest and peak business days. It would be wise to try and obtain a price quote during a less busy part of the season; it may very well be lower and suit your budget better.

It’s generally easier to negotiate prices up front before the actual work on the tax return Orlando begins. This is highly recommended, especially if you’re on a budget; you might want to negotiate a flat fee for the tax preparation Orlando. Again, this must be discussed with your tax accountant before the work proper begins. They might be able to accommodate you in this regard.

Orlando Tax Preparation Pricing Methods – What’s Considered Appropriate

Even though tax accountants employ a variety of pricing mechanisms approaches, there are certain methods considered illegal and prohibited by regulations that have been issued by the US Treasury Department. The general rule of thumb dictates that tax accountants are absolutely prohibited from charging a fee based on any information pertaining to the tax return Orlando; for example a fee that’s based on a percentage of the tax refund. Tax accountants can also not indulge in charging contingent fees, which is strictly prohibited, as is the case with the above mentioned restrictions, just to reiterate. There are exceptions though, in certain limited circumstances.

Also, be on the lookout for a tax preparation Orlando fee that is significantly higher than normal. Excessive fees can be a clear warning sign that your tax accountant may be involved in fraudulent or misleading practices. Cases of fraud and misappropriations have involved tax accountants Orlando and preparers taking in inappropriate deductions and tax credits, as well as charging their clients a hefty bill. Take this into consideration: if your invoice is much higher than you expected, make it a habit to ask your tax accountant how he arrived upon the figure that’s being charged to you.

It goes without saying taxpayers and tax accountants may dispute over a fair price of the tax preparation Orlando service rendered. Know that regulations put in place by the Treasury Department, protects taxpayers in such situations. Taxpayers have the right to get their original tax documents back from the tax accountant or preparer in the unlikely event of a disagreement. In the same light, a tax accountant in Orlando may keep or retain any forms, schedules or documents he’s prepared himself.

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