Being and accounting firm Orlando of a staff of more than 15 years of experience, we know that being self-employed is possibly the best feeling after the initial phase has elapsed. Sleepless nights and extremely tiring days can build the pathway to a peaceful future. While an entrepreneurial venture is not exactly an easy feat, it sure is a fruitful investment with long term gains. If your body craves to get out of the nine-to-five regime and live on the edge, jumping into your own business might be just what it needs.

If you are looking forward to establishing your own accounting firm Orlando after a long drawn experience as a professional accountant Orlando, be assured it is going to be nothing like your job. As with all businesses, you will need to do a thorough research regarding what you intend to deliver and what all is available to you. As an owner, you need to be pretty much an all-rounder as you will be required to act in the capacities of the manager operations, the financial head, the marketing manager, and the human resource manager all at the same time.

Here are some basic prerequisites which need to be completed before starting up operations as an accounting firm Orlando.

Business Plan

First and foremost, you need a viable business plan. It should clearly state what you will be doing, what are your targets and how will you be achieving them. As an accountant Orlando, you will probably be aware of the numerous specializations you can capitalize on. Be sure to choose them wisely. Also, don’t try to over-do things – it is not possible to provide all services and it is definitely much better not to start off as an all-encompassing organization. Choose your specialty and stick with it. Set SMART targets for your business and design the route to achieve it.


No business can be set up without an initial investment and an accounting firm Orlando is no different. This figure may vary between various specializations. Nevertheless, there is least possibility you will be able to postpone a payment for any substantial period. Your creditors are not going to line up at your office door everyday to demand their right. In order to avoid unnecessary fussing and other legal problems, it is advisable to have a decent startup investment ready before jumping into the venture.

Licensing and Permissions

Much like all other specializations; initiating an accounting firm Orlando, and practicing as a consultant accountant Orlando requires recognition from relevant government authorities. Be sure to plan for acquiring licenses and permissions from relevant authorities. Without these, the authenticity of the firm and probability for attracting customers is highly questionable.

Marketing Plan

It goes without the need to express it – you need to reach out to the potential customers and make an impression before they can come around seeking you. For this, you need to have an affordable marketing plan which not only announces your existence in the market place, but also provides an unparalleled incentive to the masses in opting for your services.

Human Resource

If you intend to host a one-man show, this will be the least of your worries. However, if you intend to start bigger, you will need to hire appropriately qualified accountants Orlando and book keepers to accompany you through your unique entrepreneurial journey.

Pitfalls of an Accounting Firm Orlando

Setting up a business can be fascinating for the owner. The mere thought of going to the office at leisure without penalty and not being answerable to anyone is soothing enough to excite anyone, making them jump into the prospect mindlessly. While setting up a consultancy business can be a viable escape from the nine-to-five job, people often underestimate the amount of time and effort required to kick start the business and keep it running.

When accountants Orlando retire to start their own accounting firms Orlando, they are full of aspirations and ideas to excel. However, there are few things most likely to be overlooked by them during their planning phase, resulting in unsightly collapses. If you are an accounting Orlando professional planning to start your own accounting firm Orlando, the following list of general shortfalls will help you survive the startup phase successfully.

Having a Suitable Marketing Strategy

Previous experience at a reputed accounting firm Orlando will not bring clients to your newly established firm. Put yourself in your clients’ position – will you go to a new firm for your accounting chores or employ the tried and tested firms that guarantee results? It is important to announce your existence graciously and attractively in order to gain clientele, even if it means working at par initially.

No Proper Defined Targets

At the beginning stage, it is common to be overly obsessed with providing all types of services an accounting firm Orlando possibly can. This can create severe confusion regarding the firm’s competencies and also give birth to substandard service provisions. At the startup stage, it is extremely important to identify and mark the specialized Orlando accounting services you will be providing. Remember, it is not possible for you to provide all services without compromising on the quality. The last thing you and your latest venture needs is a reputation for providing low quality services.

Discouraging Inputs from Other Experts

As a proud owner of your business endeavor, you may feel insulted on listening to other Orlando accounting experts and their advices. There is absolutely nothing that can bind you to do so. However, as it is said, two (or more) brains work better than one. The advices from fellows and other professional tycoons can do wonders for your business. Instead of blocking them out, it will be better to integrate it in your business as you deem fit. Your fellows and other people outside the business view it as an entity struggling to surface and are hence capable of providing better and unbiased opinions.

Hiring an Inappropriate Team

It is important for your budding business to have the right staffing. As a startup, you may be prone to hire friends and relatives incompetent with the results they will be required to yield. However, rest assured that nothing can be more detrimental for your business. Make sure to have the right blend of accountants Orlando and bookkeepers in accordance with the services you intend to provide. Inability to do so and you know your endeavor is most likely to fail.

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