FTAX Blog Whenever the general public hears the word CPA, they tend to have a few pop ups in their heads that aren’t based on reality and are actually based on myths which lead them to have stereotypes against CPA in Orlando and all over the United States. Here today we are going to clear those myths up and hopefully present a clearer picture of the CPA profession.

·         MYTH1: CPA’s have boring desk jobs

This is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding the CPA profession. People tend to believe that CPA in Orlando and other places tend to have a restrained job behind the desk with little recognition. This is definitely not the case at all. CPA personnel and their job descriptions and job quality have changed drastically. CPA’s have recently gone on to win Emmy Award nominations for direction and are appointed as CEO’s of large corporations. CPA’s are trained to have a firm understanding of the business and good analytical skills. This allows them to be able to work at any position in the business without feeling of of place.

·         MYTH2: Good Math is a must for a Orlando CPA

For decades now accountancy has always been seen as another advanced branch of mathematics. People believe accountancy contains loads of complex calculations and the profession is solely based on numbers. This is definitely not the truth. Although accountancy does involve a fair amount of calculations, it’s not based solely on that. Being a CPA in Orlando is about putting the financial pieces together and more than calculations analyzing the numbers and what they indicate. The works of a CPA include analyzing things like account details and credit details, cash flow problems and the business’ expenses position. Increasingly CPA in Orlando are being offered financial advisor positions where the CPA is needed to advice the individual or the company regarding a financial matter.

·         MYTH3: Orlando CPA are detached from People

There is a certain image in the minds of the people regarding a Orlando CPA. They believe they are shy introvert people who don’t have much contact with the public. This image is extremely misleading. In today’s world a professional is required to be a good socialize and communicator with the people. CPA in Orlando and other places most of the time work with people, on their issues and problems; the profession of a Orlando CPA requires utmost trust since they are regularly the people in which individuals confide their financial secrets.

·         MYTH4: CPA is an all male Occupation

This myth should be rejected strongly. Gender discrimination and gender bias has been a problem that the world has been facing for a long time and it is still present in today’s world. Having said that, the CPA profession is almost certainly free from such biases and there are a large number of female CPA in Orlando and all over the United States. The CPA profession doesn’t involve a lot of physical strength and so this is one of the best professions for young girls to make a career in.

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