FTAX Blog Many persons that want to get an ITIN Number online know that the deadline for filing taxes is long gone. Does it mean that your personal credentials are now safe? Actually no. The deadline may have passed but for tax scammers, there is no deadline. Why? Because you have not received a refund as yet and they will try to get hold of it.

Scammers steal your sensitive details by a number of techniques. A common one among them is to impersonate as the IRS. Generally, most of the scams ask you for your personal detail such as your complete name, your social security number and your ITIN Number online on some website or through an email message. They may also call you up and ask for these details.

Here are some ways in which you can prevent yourself from being a victim to all tax scams.

Never trust your caller ID

Ever since the October of last year, the IRS has been continuously warning people about phone scams and asking them to be cautious about all phone calls they receive. According to the IRS, this scam has resulted in a loss of more than $1 million and over 20,000 people have been targeted.

Many persons getting the ITIN Number online have reported that this scam is initiated by a fake phone call from the IRS. You are told that you are entitled to a big refund or you are in debt, which must be immediately paid. Should you refuse, the caller will threaten you a sentence or some other punishment. Theses scammers are really smart and you cannot track them by the number which is displayed by your email id. Some of these go a step ahead and ensure the number you are seeing is a valid IRS number, but you are not called by any IRS agent.

In this regard, a representative of the IRS said that if you ever decide such a phone call, you should get back to the IRS and confirm the same before you release any other details.

Be wary of email messages

The phone calls are a new scam, but email messages have been around for sometime. These messages include links to other websites, which are infected with malware. These websites request you to provide your personal details such as your social security number and ITIN Number online on any infected link. If you do this, your details will be leaked and you might not be able to get the refund you were expecting.

Just as with phone calls, even these email messages threaten you in some way.

Store your taxes in a safe palace

There are over 90% people who now e-file your taxes. This makes the process easier, but a computer is not where you should store your financial details. Your tax returns have everything which someone needs to access your refund amount.

We suggest that after you have filed a return, you should store it on a hard drive or an external flash drive. Be sure to password protect this and have a backup in a safe place.

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