FTAX Blog It is common that people find themselves in need of help for their tax problems in Orlando. You may have fallen behind on tax filing, or are unable to keep making the monthly payments for your business, or perhaps you are having difficulties with the payroll tax rules. Don’t worry, there are several taxpayers that are facing similar situations and you are not alone in your tax issues. Nor you have to face them alone. There are many options for you to get tax problem help in Orlando. This article will guide you to know these options so that you make an educated decision to choose from the free resources or paid services.

Free Options

If you are having a tax problem with the IRS, you can choose to contact them directly. The IRS can provide you with wealth of information to help you find the right way to address your tax problem. However, the disadvantage of this option is that while the IRS will help you to solve your problem, their main aim is to collect taxes from you. They would try to get as much amount of tax from you as possible. It is their job to give you honest information and be forthright with you, but you cannot simply expect the IRS to fight on your behalf or find ways for you to save money on your taxes.

Tax Attorneys

Tax attorneys can represent you legally in front of a tax court if you are facing litigation. If you are facing an accusation of breaking any state law or federal law about your tax liability and you are in need of tax problem help in Orlando, your best option is finding a good tax lawyer.

The disadvantage of hiring a tax attorney is that you would have to pay a good price for it. To get quality representation you will have to pay good money; however, it seems a worthy expense when you weigh it against potential jail time.

Tax Resolution Firms

Many accounting firms offer tax problem help in Orlando. They can be local firms of Florida or they may be operating nationwide. If you are facing a huge amount of tax liability and are not getting the results you want by yourself, your best bet is getting the services of a tax resolution firm.

Tax resolution firms have their own Certified Public Accountants, tax attorneys, and Enrolled Agents (an Enrolled Agent is someone who is certified to handle tax problems by the tax authorities). They have plenty experience in representing individuals and businesses to the IRS.

The best option is the one that suits your budget and situation. If you have the time and means to undertake your tax problem on your own, then maybe the available free resources will be sufficient in resolving your tax issues. Otherwise, you may want to consider professional services such as a tax resolution firm to take care of the problem for you. However, if you are facing not only a tax problem but also a legal issue, you should definitely look to a local tax attorney to step in and represent you.

Common Tax Mistakes

Want to do your taxes really well and stay on IRS’s good side? Avoid all the pitfalls, and this will certainly be so. But naturally doing something is never as easy as saying. So how do help yourself? Avail services from the pros and gain valuable tax advice. There are many accountants and firms that can provide your tax problem help Orlando, and you should really use their services.

For right now, listen to what we have to advice and you will prevent yourself from tax problems.

Not enough money to pay your taxes? File anyway

Okay, so you are planning not to file your taxes simply because you will not be able to pay them. Stop that train of thought! It’s not recommended. Even if you fear you tax bill will be unaffordable, not filing will only make you face more penalties and interest. Even if you will not be able to pay your taxes, file anyway.

Once you do, you can either ask for an extension or take help form the IRS themselves. In certain cases, they allow people to pay their taxes through installments, so see if you can qualify. If you cannot, take another loan and get done with your taxes. Skipping them out will lead to more problems and not mitigating your existing ones.

Ignore IRS mail? That will put them against you

Did you get a letter from the IRS? Ignoring it is not going to help you out. IRS will still collect their taxes and the easier you make it for them, the better it will be for you. Should you fail to pay your taxes, the IRS will file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien against your property. This does not only include your house, but your car and any properly which you may obtain in future. Sounds scary? It actually is and the court will not help you with this one until you pay your taxes. The IRS can also seize your home, car or boast and sell it further. Your tax debt will be compensated from this amount. This process is legally known as levy, and by the way, the IRS can place it on your wages as well.

So is that it or does it get worse? Actually it does, because once you go through this, it will stay on the records for quite a long time until resolved or removed by the IRS.

Need a loan for paying your taxes? There are other means than credit cards

When people find their taxes too much, they often pay the amounts with their credit cards. Though this is better than not paying at all, it may create a financial burden on you if the interest rates on you card are too high. A better strategy will be to see if you can get a loan because the interest amount will probably be less.

Planning to use the refund? Think again

Nearly everyone spends their refund right away. Save them, because you never know when you will need them.

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