FTAX Blog Did you get an itin number and e-file your taxes? Agreed the process is so much easier and so much more convenient. Plus you get your refund in a really short time, which makes it even better. There are also no chances of error and you are done with taxes in a considerably shorter amount of time compared to paper based returns. But despite all these advantages, there is one main problem with e-filing.

If you e-file using an incredible tax software or website, your personal details can easily be stolen such as your address and Social Security number. If you are not eligible for this, you have to get ITIN number and file with that.

So how do you keep yourself safe? Here is how.

Be cautious of email messages

One of the most common tax scam when you get an itin number is that these thieves impersonate IRS and send you an email, which contains some links. You are told you are entitled to a refund and asked for personal information. If you give this, they will be leaked and you may no longer get that refund you were expecting.

Please note that the IRS never sends you any email message or text messages for that matter. They never ask for your personal information as well. If you get any of these messages, do not reply or access the links.   Also be sure to report it to the RIS.

Use a reputed tax software

This is the simplest way in which you can keep all your details safe. When you get an itin number Always e-file using a reputed tax software. All these take necessary security measures and make sure none of your details can be leaked. If you are not sure about these, hire a reputed accountant and they will do it on your behalf.

Use different passwords

When you e-file and get itin number, you can sue passwords or increased security. Use a strong password that is different from what you use for other accounts. Needless to say, the password should be a combination of letters, numbers, uppercases, lowercases and even punctuation marks. It should also be greater than 8 digits, but it should not be so difficult that you forget it.

Avoid using public networks

A secure tax program is not the only way to prevent yourself. You must also be using a secure network. Filing using public networks is not a great idea because there is a good chance your information will be leaked. Only use a secure network.

Never announce your refund

It is amazing that you have a refund to expect this year, but this is not what you should tell other people. Doing this will make them aware that you are expecting money from the IRS and they will keep a closer watch on you. The result? You may never even get your refund.

So while you should e-file your taxes, do it only in a secure manner. Follow all our tips and you will have no trouble.

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