FTAX Blog Tax frauds when you get an ITIN number are growing year by year and millions of tax payers become a victim as the tax season draw nears. Do you want to be one of them? No, which is why you must be aware of how these scammers play their game. The IRS also wants you t have knowledge about this, and so they released their list of the 12 Dirty Dozen tax scams. While we are not going to go into all 12 of them, we will still brief you about the most common ones of these.

Identity Theft

An identity theft is a scam in which someone uses your personal details and files your return without informing you. They can also take your refund with these details or may perform some other crome. Generally, your social security number is used for this, but if you ar not eligible, they get ITIN number and use that.

The IRS regards identity theft as the most common tax scam on the list.

Telephone Scams

The RIs claims that telephone scams have become fairly popular in the last year or two. These scams are being practiced in certain areas only, but the people behind them are really smart. They impersonate IRS and call up to inform that you are in debt or have huge refund waiting for you. What is surprising is the fact that you clear ID will display IRS number, but it is not calling you.

If you ever get such a call and the number is IRS, you still should not respond to it. Instead, get back to IRS and confirm of the call when you get ITIN number.

And y the way, the IRS does not really communicate with you through phone calls, email messages or text messages. Do not fall for any of of these.

False Promises

Some scammers act as tax accountants and promise you major refunds. The target of this scam are usually people who fall in a lower income bracket, the senior citizens and the foreigners.   You are told about amazing deductions and credits, and the scammers file a return on your behalf for really huge fees. Most of the deductions are not applicable, and will land you into trouble with the IRS. By the time you realize this ,the scammers are not there anymore.

Get ITIN Number and Avoiding Tax Scams

The best way to avoid all of the above scams is to keep your personal details safe such as your Social Security number, address, bank account numbers and the like. If you are not valid for social security, you have to get ITIN number, and you will have to protect that. Another way to ensure you are not a victim is to use only a reputed tax software for e-filing and hand over your documents to credible accountants only.

We hope the next time you do taxes, you will keep all of this in mind, and will be able to stay safe.

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