As an accountant in Orlando I know that starting a new business is not an easy thing. A business may seem very simple, but it is very complicated. Before a person starts one, they must consider a few things first. Here is a step by step guide which can help with that.

Structures of Business

There are four main types of businesses

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Company
  • Trust

Sole Proprietorship

You are your own as well as your employees’ boss. The business can be small or big depending on what it is. The individual can benefit from this as he or she can come and leave when they want. They may not hire employees if not needed. This can save money, all secrets and information stays to the certain individual only, and they may take decisions of their own. The loss of this kind of business can be that all losses will have to be accounted for from the owner’s pocket. The owner may have to hire an accountant in Orlando to keep track of their profit and loss.


The benefit in this is that all losses are divided equally amongst the partners. This also means profit must be divided as well. Number of partners can be from 2 till 8. Unfortunately, there can be concerns in such businesses; assume if one partner decides to leave, the contract will have to be terminated and a new contract will have to be made with new terms. The chances of secrets getting out in to the open also increase. They may also hire an accountant in Orlando to handle all of the accounting work.


A company allows individuals to buy their shares. The profit earned by the company is given to their shareholders. Let’s assume you buy a company’s share of 2%. The company will give you a portion of their profit accordingly. The profit can be bi annual, annual, dependant on the company’s rules. Companies needs accountants to help them take risky decisions related to the company’s benefits and to keep track of their company’s accounts, who better to handle the job than an account in Orlando?


Trusts are entities which hold properties or incomes for the benefits of others. The objectives of trust are estate planning. Trusts are of different kinds and some are dedicated towards a specific kind of entity. The trustee is the person who is in charge of the trust. There are certain rules for this certain kind of business structure. They also hire an accountant in Orlando depending on the size of the trust.

An Accountant in Orlando, FL

An accountant can help with any of the former businesses. Their skills allow them to work with every kind of client there is. The accountants are experts in their field; they can not only help a new business up on its feet, but also also help some of the old timers to get back on their feet.

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