Changing jobs at the start of your career is not uncommon. Many professional Orlando accountants change two and sometimes even three jobs before they find a job that they like doing. Working for one company for a longer time has its perks, such as promotions and regular increments, but changing jobs has some benefits too.

Most of the times, we force ourselves to stick to one job, not realizing that the job is not meant for us. This leads to lack of motivation which subsequently shunts our growth. Changing of jobs as an accountant in Orlando may have its consequences but there is a bright side to it too. This blog will discuss how changing jobs can help you with your career growth.

Advantages of Changing Jobs as an Accountant Orlando

  • As you start out fresh in the job market, you might not know what you are looking for. A majority of the time, fresh graduates do not have any idea of what their ideal job is. You will get a better idea about the kind of job that you want once you mature in the industry. You need to gain some experience to get a better insight about the kind of job that best suits your personality. Spending a year or two in a job and then switching will not only give you experience but it will also reflect positively on your resume.
  • Accounting jobs tend to get tedious after a certain amount of time. You might get bored of performing the same job day after day. Changing jobs is an easy way of breaking the monotony that is a part of the accounting career. It will also help you gain exposure and knowledge about different kinds of businesses and industries.

You can also join an accounting firm in Orlando as that will give you an opportunity of dealing with different companies, which will give you some level of novelty in your job.

Disadvantages of Changing Jobs as an Accountant Orlando

  • Changing jobs might help you get exposure to different types of industries and businesses but that does not necessarily mean that you have developed a deep understanding of the industry. It means that your knowledge might remain shallow even after working in different companies for a few months, or even a year.
  • Changing jobs will make your employers question your loyalties. When employers hire an employee, they spend a lot of resources on their training and development. Therefore, they do not want to spend their resources on someone who might leave the job in a few months. They are also concerned that you might quit their job only to work with their potential competitor.

Quitting too many jobs will make your employers think that you are still not sure about the kind of job that you are looking for. This might make you look like someone who is incapable of taking a decision and sticking to it.

Despite having its disadvantages, if done smartly, job hopping can prove to be very beneficial in your career growth.

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