A business tax return can be prepared by any accountant Hunters Creek FL, but the skill levels of each of these will vary and some of them will perform a better job than others. Those who are more apt for the task are actually paid for it and assigned thee Preparer Tax ID Number of PTIN by the IRS. No exam for this has to be passed as of now, but this will probably change in future. There are a few other accountants as well who receive the CPA certification or the EA title. Depending on the needs of your business, you should hire a suitable accountant Hunters Creek FL.

What will an accountant Hunters Creek FL do for you?

You r accountant Hunters Creek FL can perform a number of tasks on your behalf.

Advising you about your taxes

An accountant Hunters Creek FL can plan out your taxes for you effectively if he has enough experience. He can help you make important tax decisions while allowing you to avail all sort of tax deductions and credits and minimizing the overall amount you have to pay.

Prepares your tax return

Indeed you can fill out the tax return form by yourself, but no one can do it as well as accountant Hunters Creek FL. So leave the task to them; they will enter all required information into the form, double check and ensure there are no mistakes, and only leave the signing part to you.

Represents you at the IRS

Though every accountant Hunters Creek FL does their best to avoid you from tax problems, you may have to face an issue at times. If this is the case, the accountant can help you with if has the CPA certification. Indeed, you can hire any one you want to but an accountant is a more practical option because they have been through audits before and so can help you out in emerging as a winner.

How many types of accountants are there?

As already mentioned, an accountant Hunters Creek FL can be of three types: a general accountant, an EA or a CPA.

A General Account

A general accountant can prepare you tax return for you even if he has not received a certificate as yet. However, he wild probably not be able to represent you in form of the IRS, and even if he could, he will have to bear limitations. IRS often uses the term un-enrolled prepares for these people.


An Enrolled Agent or EA can also prepare your tax returns. He has already had the honor of practicing in front of the IRS. Eventually, an EA has had experience with filing documents, communicating with IRS and representing taxpayers in situations that involve the IRS. Additionally, they will also be able to handle your issues in a Tax Court.


A Certified Public Account or CPA receives this title after passing a tough examination. They usually have specialization in various areas such as tax preparation, financial management and so on.

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