When living and earning in the United States, it is important that you follow the law disregarding your status. If you are earning it is important for you to apply for ITIN number if you are not eligible for SSN.

Why you should apply for ITIN Number?

There are several reasons for why you should apply for ITIN number. One being it is the law; those who are not eligible for SSN numbers should go for the alternative and apply for ITIN number. When you apply for ITIN number, you show the government you are a law abiding citizen and you pay your taxes on time. Some banks use ITIN numbers while opening a new account for the ITIN holder. This is a good way to keep a good credit score. ITIN numbers help you get your tax returns, without an ITIN number, the government will not give you your money back.

How to apply for ITIN Number ?

It s very easy to apply for ITIN number; all you have to do is fill the W-7 form. You can find the form online at the official IRS website. You may even find the form on other tax related websites. After you have found your form, save it and download it. After you have printed the form, start filling it with updated and authentic information. Once that has been over with, complete the form by attaching the required documents. These documents will be your proof of identification.

Which kind of proof do I need to apply for ITIN number?

You will need identification proof. These documents can include your passport, Visa, medical records, dental records, school records, documents from abroad which can prove your identity will do as well. Once you have submitted the copies along with the W-7 form, you may personally drop them off at the IRS headquarters; you may mail them to the IRS headquarters, or you may visit a local TAC.

How can TAC help me apply for ITIN Number?

TAC means tax assistance center, the assistants there are certifying acceptance agents who work under the IRS. If you require assistance while filing for an ITIN, you can bring all documents to them; they will help you where you are facing problems. They will authenticate the form and documents on the spot immediately and will forward all of your documents to the IRS for further processing.

After I apply for ITIN Number, how long do I have to wait?

This process usually takes up to 6 weeks maximum, but this is subject to chance as IRS may have some problems in your form, or due to the number of applicants, this process can be delayed a bit further. Tax season can also be one of the reasons, as the IRS is usually very busy during it.

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