This question might have been on the minds of many people who might be required to file US federal income taxes in the near future but do not know what the process entails. Some individuals do not have or are not entitled to a social security number. If they do not have a SSN and still have to file taxes in the future, they will definitely have to get an ITIN number. This is a special nine digit number that allows you to file your income taxes.

In case of a delay in filing your income taxes, you will be required to pay interest or some kind of a penalty. Therefore, it is always wise to apply for ITIN number before the due date of your federal income taxes.

The Application Process To Apply For ITIN Number

The entire application process for obtaining your ITIN number is very straightforward. You are required to fill out an application form with accurate details. Attach documentation proving your foreign status or identity along with other supporting documentation required by the Internal Revenue Service. You will then be required to send your application to the IRS who will then process your application further. Once the processing is done, they will send you a letter with your ITIN number on it.

In case you do not receive a letter within 4 to 6 weeks of sending in your application, you may call the IRS to inquire about the status of the application.

Seeking Help With The Application Process

If you are not too comfortable applying for the ITIN number yourself, or are facing issues understanding the application process, then you can seek help. Two great avenues for assistance are the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers and the Certified Acceptance Agents. The former assists you in-person while the latter is an official entity certified by the IRS who will carry out the entire application process on your behalf.

Many people prefer that someone more professional and knowledgeable handle their application. When you seek the services of professional people, you will definitely be in good hands and your application has a greater chance of being approved in the first go. Thee Certified Acceptance Agents also attach the Certificate of Approval once they have reviewed your application form carefully before sending your application to the IRS. This approval certificate notifies the IRS that the application has been thoroughly reviewed by the agents and they found no discrepancy in the application whatsoever. Such a process ensures a quicker approval.

Are you facing troubles with the application process? Would you rather have someone else apply for ITIN number on your behalf so that you do not get stressed? Do you have more questions with respect to the ITIN number application that need to be answered? With so many questions, why not give us a call? We would be more than happy to talk to you and provide you with professional advice you can benefit from.

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