No matter what you status may be in the United States, if you are not eligible for an SSN you have to have an ITIN number.

ITIN Number Eligibility for U.S Tax Resident

United States consider you U.S tax residents under two conditions:

  • Entering the United States after 2008 for the First Time as J or F-1 Students
  • You are a J-1 Scholar who has Entered the States for the First Time in 2011 or Before That or You Fall in DS-2109 Category

Why Would you Need an ITIN Number

You must apply for ITIN number if you do not qualify for an SSN. This is one of the tax rules in the United States which have to be followed. The F-2 J-2 dependants may need the individual’s ITIN number if you are willing to include them in your income tax returns.

ITIN Number Procedure

You must first print and fill the W-7 form at apply for an ITIN number. The form can be found at the official IRS website. Once printed, you can fill the form yourself or get help by the Taxpayer Assistance Center. Once that has been done with and has cleared from out of the way, make sure you have all the needed ITIN number application documents with you. W-7 forms require identification proof; this can be your passport, birth certificate, medical or school records, and other documents which can be used as proof. Do not submit the original documents along with the form.

Get a couple of print outs, attach them with the form, take them to the TAC. After all the documents have been identified as authentic, the assistance officer will proceed with the ITIN number application routine; they will then forward the documents and W-7 form to the IRS. Once that has happened, the IRS will issue you your ITIN number within duration of about 6 weeks or less.

If you are a J-1 student or scholar, you may want to apply for the SSN.

ITIN Number Rejection Letter

It is a better option to request for a rejection letter from the Social Security Office than to leave that portion of the W-7 blank. The rejection letter is not a bad thing; in fact it proves to the IRS that you are not eligible for an SSN that is why you have applied for an ITIN number instead. The rejection letter will cause you any problem while applying for an ITIN number, or any problems in the future regarding this matter.

Will I be issued an ITIN Number?

If you qualify and all documents have been declared clear, the yes, you will receive an ITIN number. This process can take up to about 6 weeks but you will get it. If you apply in the month of April or in March, the process will take much longer as these two months are the busiest months.

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