When faced with a legal battle involving tax returns or tax debts against the IRS, it’s good to pull out the big guns and have professional tax problem resolution services professionals, or a tax attorney on your side to back up your claim. Tax attorneys are just like other lawyers except their specialization, which is in tax laws, so if you’re involved in an audit or accused of fraud, you can rely on a good tax attorney’s expertise to smooth things over.

Although having a tax attorney is good safeguard against the IRS, if you choose someone whose competency level could be the equivalent of a monkey in a suit, you might find yourself in hot water. That means you might lose the case and that not only allows the IRS to dig its claws in your wallet but also munch on any sources of income you might have.

With that disturbing thought fixed in your mind, here are a few fail safe guidelines you can use to pick a good tax attorney that can help with your tax returns or tax debts:

Identify Your Need

You need to sit down and analyze why you need an attorney before you start the hunt for one. This will act as guideline and help to narrow down your search. IRS can either ask for a field audit, a work audit or accuse you of committing tax fraud. If there claims are unfounded and you are in the right, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. But if you have something to be nervous for, it’s best you look for someone who’s among the cream of the crop.

Collect Some Feedback

When picking a tax attorney, try and get in touch with someone who has actually used their services and vouch for them. Recommendations by others regarding the attorney’s services and performance can greatly help in picking someone reliable who can guide you through the loopholes and the blind corners in the rules and regulations that are enforced by the IRS on all proceedings of tax returns and tax debts.

Check the Qualifications

Lawyers and attorneys need to pass a tough Bar exam by the American Bar Association. The test is grueling and rather difficult which only ensures that only the most competent persons can pass on to become lawyers and attorneys. A tax attorney is no different, they also need to pass a Bar exam. You should also check for other certification like CPA etc, which can assure you about the level of competency of the attorney.

Performance Over Peers

A tax return or dealing with tax debts is serious business which requires someone who is sharp and crisp in their dealings with IRS. With such a formidable opponent as the IRS, lesser, more incompetent attorneys have been taken to task on cases which could stretch on for months. Therefore, picking a tax attorney on the basis of their quality and qualifications is imperative. Do not pick a tax attorney because your friend, your friend’s brother or your mother in law is one. When dealing with the IRS, it’s best to pick someone who you know is totally professional and result oriented.

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