An acceptance agent can be an individual or an organization such as an accounting firm or a financial institution that helps individuals get an ITIN tax number. These individuals or entities are authorized by the IRS to assist people currently in the process of obtaining an ITIN tax number. An acceptance agent can charge a fee for their services, which are reviewing the necessary documents and forwarding applicable certificates along with completed Forms W-7 to the IRS.

There are a few steps that need to be taken by all new and renewing applicants for the IRS Acceptance Agent Program.

All individuals must submit at least 5 ITIN tax number applications during the year to stay in the program.

Certified Acceptance Agent Program

New ITIN tax number applications for the program are accepted only during the open season, which is from the 1st of May to the 31st of August. Form 13551 is the application form to participate in the IRS Acceptance Agent Program.


All new and renewing applicants are supposed to complete a mandatory training necessary to ensure the Acceptance Agents have the knowledge to perform their jobs. The pre acceptance training session is available online.

Once accepted, the applicants are required to participate and complete the Forensic Document Training. After completing both training programs, the acceptance agent will have the necessary tools and knowledge to perform his or her duty in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the IRS.

Compliance Review

Acceptance agents are required to cooperate with the IRS compliance procedures, including both physical and correspondence review, as well as information from the Treasury Inspector General or Government Accountability Office for tax administration process. Failure to comply will result in termination from the program.

Circular 230

Circular 230 is a publication, which includes certain rules and regulations governing the practices for the US Internal Revenue Service IRS. The applicants will be required to follow and maintain the standards according to the Circular 230. Moreover, applicants are required to register with the Return Preparer’s Office for a PTIN number. Exceptions are made for applicants coming through Financial Institutions, Low Income Tax Payer Clinics, and Volunteer Income Assistance Centers.

PTIN Number

Individuals actively involved with assistance of Federal Tax returns must have a valid PTIN number. The paper application form W-12 is required to be completed and mailed, or you can always apply online. A fee of $64.25 must be paid for the application.

Quality Standards

All acceptance agents are required to comply with the new quality standards established and monitored by the IRS. The evaluation process of each agent will be determined through the quality of their W-7 submissions.


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