People are still confused when someone says SSN number or ITIN number. Most are even unaware of what an ITIN number is. Here is a short guide to help you tell the difference between the two numbers.

SSN Number

The Social Security Number, or SSN, in a unique 9 digit number which is often issued to U.S residents, temporary working residents, and permanent residents of the United States. In comparison an ITIN number is issued to non-residents that have a tax-filing requirement. The SSN number is authorized by the Social Security Administration; this is an agency of the States. On the other hand, the IRS authorizes an ITIN number. The main use of SSN is to track an individual’s identity for social security purposes, but now the SSN has become an important part in other things such as tax payment.

There are a total of 3 types of SSN cards. The common cards have the individual’s name and number printed upon them; these types of cards are normally issued to U.S citizens and also U.S residents who are permanent in status. The other two cards are have some restrictions to them as one of them says it is not valid for employment; this card means that the individual cannot get a job by presenting this card. The other reads, ‘only valid for DHS authorization’, this card is authorized only to those individuals who have permission to work temporarily in the U.S.


Do not give this secret number to anyone at all. That includes your parents, siblings, child, and you’re your spouse. This secret SSN number should only be limited to you at all costs. People with the wrong intentions can use your SSN to carry out fraud and other identity theft activities, in which case, you will be responsible. Stay alert, and make sure you do not tell this information to anyone, unless required by the government.

ITIN Number

An ITIN number is associated with tax payment as well. The number is dispatched to those individuals who are earning in the United States but are not qualified to receive an SSN number, due to their residential status in the States. This number helps an individual with their tax returns. When an employee receives his or her salary, a part of their income is automatically given to the government under tax laws. In a certain period, if the amount exceeds the tax limit, it is called a tax return. The government then gives the tax return back to the employee, but in order for that individual to receive tax returns they must have an SSN or an ITIN number. Without at least one of two numbers, the individual does not qualify for tax return.

Get an ITIN Number

Once you have cleared out the confusion between a SSN number and an ITIN number, you can apply for an ITIN number by filing the W-7 form, which can be found online and can be conveniently printed. After completing the requirements of the form, and attaching all the needed documents, you can either mail it to the IRS, personally drop it at their headquarters, or you may visit a nearby Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC).

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