Those of you who are H1 and H4 holders, or have spouses whom hold H1 or H4, you do require an ITIN number if your spouse is, or previously was working in the United States. According to the law of the United States of America, every working individual who does not hold an SSN number must have an ITIN number.

ITIN Number

When an individual works in the U.S and earns an income, they are eligible to pay taxes. ITIN number can help an individual with this purpose, if an individual is expecting some kind of tax return, without the presence of an ITIN number; he or she will not receive their tax returns.

ITIN can also be helpful in credit building. If an individual wishes to open a bank account the certain individual can take the help of the ITIN. ITIN number are accepted in some banks which can help individuals going through the processes much more easily.

W-7 Application Process for ITIN numbers

The W-7 must be searched, found, downloaded, printed, and must be completed signed with the individual’s signature. It can be easily found on the internet, but one must be careful as there have been issues regarding the safety of personal information via internet. The ITIN number  W-7 form cannot be submitted online, be sure to avoid those scamming websites which ask for online submission. The W-7 ITIN number form also does not ask for any personal information in-depth, it will only ask for general information.

The best place to get the genuine W-7 ITIN number form is the official IRS website. Once you have that out of the way, continue with the procedure. You may have to show your international income if your spouse is living in another country, who is also working. If both spouses are outside the United States, the applying ITIN number individuals must first go through the sets of rules and regulations of both countries.

Once the form has been filled with complete and necessary information, you may submit the ITIN number application and documents in person or you may mail to the IRS. You can even contact a certifying acceptance agent to provide you guidance, and to forward your documents ahead.

Laws, Rules, and Regulations

If an individual is residing within a country outside the United States, but had earned he or she is obligated to pay taxes. If an individual is abroad, and their spouse works in the U.S, you may have to first update yourself with laws of both countries. Laws are different for every country; some have different rules and regulations than others. An individual applying for an ITIN number must first complete their research on these.

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