Because of the inherent significance of Individual Tax Identification Number, or ITIN Tax Number , and its close similarity to the Social Security Number, there is paramount confusion among taxpayers regarding its uses and functions. There are several questions that people ask quite frequently regarding the ITIN Tax Number in an attempt to better understand how it functions. This blog attempts to answer some of those questions to provide you a better understanding of the concept of ITIN Tax Number.

Where Can I Get My ITIN Tax Number Application Form From?

The ITIN Tax Number application form is available from any office of the Internal Revenue Service. If you reside outside the US, you can obtain your copy of the application form from any overseas IRS office.

The forms are also available online on the official website of Internal Revenue Service. You can download the forms from:

When Can I Get My ITIN Tax Number?

If you do not have a Social Security Number, and you qualify for an ITIN Tax Number, you can fill the W-7 form and send it to the IRS office. If you meet all the legal requirements, you are most likely to receive your ITIN within four to six weeks of submission of your application.

The ITIN Tax Number is now sent via an authorization letter rather than as a card so as to minimize its similarity with a Social Security Number.

If you do not receive your ITIN Tax Number within a maximum of six weeks from submission of your application, you can check its status by contacting the Internal Revenue Service office.

Will An ITIN Tax Number Grant Me Immigration Status?

No. Having an ITIN Tax Number does not validate your immigration status in the US. The ITIN Tax Number is only for purposes of tax filing and reporting. ITIN does not grant you permission to work or stay in the US.

Is ITIN A Valid Identification Outside The Tax System?

No. The ITIN Tax Number is only valid within the tax system. Beyond this, ITIN cannot be used for identification or validation for purposes other than that of tax reporting and filing.

What Are The Recent Changes In The ITIN Tax Number Laws?

Effective from January 2013, the guidelines governing ITIN Tax Number have been amended by the Internal Revenue Service. The change came about to strengthen the legitimacy and integrity of the tax system.

The major changes that were made are:

  • ITINs would now expire within 5 years from their issuance. ITIN holders are now required to reapply for a new ITIN Tax Number at the end of this expiration period.
  • Only those professionals who fulfill the requirements under Circular 230 would be considered qualified to review and verify documents for ITIN Tax Number
  • The new guidelines allow certain professionals like Certifying Accepting Agents to review documents for application and verify the IRS. This means certain applicants are not required to send the original copies of their documents to the Internal Revenue Service, as was previously the case.

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