Many people are skeptical when it comes to apply for ITIN number online and rightly so.

Why can I not apply for ITIN Number online?

The internet is not a safe place, it is full of hackers, and your information can easily be used for the wrong purposes. Some people are under the perception that the W-7 form, which is used to apply for ITIN number can be submitted online. Those are only scams; the W-7 form cannot be submitted online. The W-7 form will also not ask of your personal information. You may be asked to enter confidential information such as the PIN; those forms are scams and the information submitted is used by hackers.

How can I apply for ITIN Number and Remain Safe?

You may still apply for ITIN number through the W-7 form, but, the only difference would be that instead of publishing and submitting the form online, you will have it printed out and sent via mail. Personally deliver the contents, or visit a TAC and let them take care of the rest.

It is better if you visit the official IRS website for the genuine W-7 form when you apply for ITIN number. Once located, you can save the form and get a printout of it. When printed out fill the required information, sign it and attach attested copies of the documents it requires.

Which Documents are needed to apply for ITIN Number?

The W-7 form requires that the applicant, that wants to apply for ITIN number, to submit documents proving their identity along with the form. This includes documents from foreign countries as well. These documents must be current and authentic. Documents can include visa, passport, dental records, medical records, birth certificate, school records, or any such documents which can be used to clarify the applicant’s identity.

What if I Require Assistance to apply for ITIN Number?

If you require assistance while you apply for ITIN number , you may visit the local TAC. TAC means tax assistance center, they will help you file the W-7 form. You can approach the Certifying acceptance agent who will gladly help you with any complications. You may also submit the copies of the identification proof documents along with the form. The CAA will authenticate all documents on the spot and will send the W-7 form along with all documents to the IRS for further processing; you can expect the arrival of your ITIN number within 6 weeks.

Let us know how you applied for your ITIN, or how you wish to apply for ITIN number .

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