Nobody likes taxes. And taxes, like bad dreams, can come back to haunt you. And because tax preparations are so tiring and complex, for years, people have been hiring professional tax preparers to do the job for them.

But how do you know if you have chosen the right person (or company) to handle your tax preparation process? It is necessary to choose the right tax preparer, because, if something goes wrong, you may have to face serious legal consequences.

Tax preparers are going to charge you based on your needs and on their level of expertise. You need to make sure you hire the professional who gets your job done right and whose service is worth your money. Therefore, we think it is important that you know the choices you have when looking for a tax preparer in Orlando.

Certified Public Accountants

The IRS’s search page will give you a list of all CPAs but not all of them are expert tax preparers. So it’s best to ask them about it once you contact them. Although it may be more expensive than a general tax preparer, or an enrolled agent, but people who need strategic tax planning or pay high taxes usually work better with CPAs. They are also very useful when one needs advice on tax strategies.

Enrolled Agents

For individuals who want to avoid the stress of preparing tax reports themselves and the possibility of going through an audit themselves, hiring an enrolled agent is the best option. An enrolled agent is a tax specialist for people who specifically want tax advice, tax preparation or audit representation services. Those who are looking for strategic planning in tax reduction techniques, or for expertise in tax preparation, getting help from an Enrolled agent is an appropriate thing to do.

Tax Attorneys

If you encounter a legal issue regarding your taxes, this is where you might require the services of a tax attorney. The Attorney will represent you before the IRS as well as in court.  An attorney can also help you work out corporate taxes, which are complex. They can also help you by creating legal tax shelters.

Reputed Tax Preparation Companies

These are probably the most popular choice for a majority of tax payers. The employees at their offices are usually well trained, are updated with the fast changing and complex tax laws and regulations and use tax software to guide their clients through income tax returns.

These work best for individuals who have simple tax returns, want early refunds and do not want to pay for personal tax preparers as they usually charge less than professional tax preparers who work privately.

While it may not be highlighted (or recommended), another  way to prepare your income tax returns, si by doing the whole thing yourself. However, the IRS keeps changing tax regulations, and tax-laws can be quite complex so you should probably not DIY. Besides, with the many options tax preparation service Orlando residents have, they can simply choose which service suits them best and relax while professionals handle their most dreaded tasks.

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