Enhance Your Sales Process By Providing Your US Nonresident Clients With Quality Tax Solutions

We have been helping real estate agents and title companies with their foreign national clients for almost 20 years.  Even the most experienced real estate professional will acknowledge that keeping up will all the complex IRS tax laws is a challenge.

International clients have very different tax filing requirements, than your usual US citizen.  If not done properly, your clients may face a large tax bill, penalties, or tax interests.

Don’t go thru the maze of IRS tax laws by yourself.  Use the help of our experienced international tax advisors.

Our Tax Solutions for Real Estate Professionals Include:
  • FIRPTA Tax Withholding Certificates

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  • Forms 8288
  • Forms 8288a
  • Forms 8288b
  • Help During the Sales Process
  • Provide Value to Your Organization by Providing Expertise
  • ITIN Tax Number Application

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  • LLC Formation in any of the 50 US States

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  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Debt Relief
  • IRS Audit Representation
  • Full Tax Accounting Services

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