Not a fan of paying taxes? It doesn’t really matter though paying taxes is duty that you owe to your country. While taxpaying is mandatory, there are many ways to make sure you avail maximum tax deductions. The more tax deductions you get, the higher the tax refund that you’ll receive. Sounds easy? It is if you have hired an accountant in South Orlando to handle your taxes.

An accountant will know the ins and outs of all the loop holes and possible tax deductions that you can avail through their years of experience in the field. They will go through your expenses, analyze them and advice you on the best possible tax deductions to claim.

Here is a list of a few common tax refunds that you can avail using your tax deductions. These options are not applicable in each situation, so make sure you check with your accountant in South Orlando before making the move.


Are you a student that has withdrawn a student loan to pursue their studies? Or did you take out a loan to buy yourself a new home? Irrespective of the reason you choose from the two, you can make use of a tax reduction in your bill as a result. This is even more suitable in the case of student loans, because even if you aren’t the person repaying the loan, you can still avail its tax deduction.

Contributions to Charity

As an accountant in South Orlando will tell you, being a regular charity donor can save you your taxes. If you are a member of a social, non-profit organization or have been involved as a donor in a charity, your donations will give you a considerable amount of tax deduction. Even if your donation is not in monetary form, you can claim for and receive tax reductions on it.


Anything that is used in the line of your business to help it grow and increase its productivity can give you a tax reduction. The details may vary and would need to be confirmed with an accountant in South Orlando. Travelling for business purpose is one of the deductions that business owners can claim. Make a list of the travels that you’ve made in tax year and present the list to the IRS; they will determine the expenses and deduct that amount form the taxable income.

Other deductions for the Home and office

In addition to the deductions mentioned above, the IRS authorities also offer some deductions on home and offices. Yet as your accountant in South Orlando will tell you, they are particularly strict in these deductions. Other expenses that you can use to avail tax deductions and increase your tax refund are reductions gained on:

  • Utility bills
  • Repairs
  • Other miscellaneous expenses
  • Insurance expenses

Everybody that is taxed should pay their taxes. Paying of tax is our contribution to our country and our state. Yet if you think you should receive adequate tax refunds, you need to seek advice from your accountant in South Orlando to make use of multiple tax reductions.

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