Why is an ITIN Required?

The individual Tax Identification number (ITIN) is needed so that your taxes can be recorded and identified by the IRS. An ITIN number is necessary if you do not qualify for a Social Security Number (SSN). The ITIN is only used for tax identification purposes and obtaining an ITIN does not bring a change in your immigration status.

Since the ITIN is unique for each individual, the ITIN is used for identification purposes when opening interest bearing bank accounts and some states in the United States require an ITIN iif you want to receive a permit, state ID or a driver’s license.

Benefits of Applying For and ITIN

If you are an immigrant, obtaining an ITIN will bring you certain benefits since the tax laws of the United States require both immigrants and citizens to pay their due taxes.

First and foremost, applying for an ITIN will inform the government of the United States that you are respectfully obeying all the tax laws as ordered by the federal government. Your tax records will be taken into consideration when you apply for citizenship and so filing your taxes brings you a step closer to your UUS citizenship.

If you are an illegal immigrant, then obtaining an ITIN number will legalize your status as an immigrant in the United States since it will give you an opportunity to file all your documents to be kept in record with the government of the United States. This will allow them to review your profile, check your work experience and educational background which can contribute to your citizenship process.

An ITIN number is required if you want to file for any tax returns or grants, such as grants for education, accommodation and health care. Since you pay your taxes as required by the government, the government will be able to help you with tax grants, if they find you eligible.

Applying for an ITIN:

People who do not know how to apply for an ITIN should first arrange for the following documents that will be sued for the identification of their status as an immigrant and are necessary when applying for an ITIN.

First, you need to complete the W-7 form ( you can get it from any of IRS’s regional offices or simply download it from IRS’s website) and along with the form, you need to arrange for the following:

  • A copy of your US income tax return
  • State ID
  • Your passport or some other valid documents for identification (this includes an identification with a photo and one ID document from your country)
  • US driver’s license
  • A valid National Identification Document that includes name, photo, address, date of birth and its expiration date)
  • Dependents who cannot submit their passport are required to show their Birth Certificate
  • Your registration as a voter in your country
  • All the documents that you required for your US Visa
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services photo Identification documents
  • Dependents and children under 18 need to give their medical certificate and school records

When Should You apply for an ITIN

While you can apply for an ITIN during any time of the year, it is advised that you do so ahead of the IRS’s tax deadline a delay in receiving your ITIN can make you miss the deadlines and therefore you’ll have to pay tax penalties. To avoid all this extra cost, you should apply for an ITIN as soon as possible.

To apply for an ITIN, just download a W-7 form from the IRS’s official website so you don’t take the risk of losing any cash due to penalties imposed by the federal government. If you do not hear from a representative of the IRS, then you should contact you’re an IRS departmental office near you. Find

Also, you need to make sure that all working members of your family have an ITIN to avoid any trouble with the IRS in the future. Especially if you are an immigrant since you do not want to damage your chances of getting a US citizenship.

Who Are Acceptance Agents?

Acceptance agents are representatives of the IRS authorized to assist individuals in obtaining their ITIN. They review documentation, complete forms and accuracy certificates and forward the certificate and its acceptance to the IRS so that your process of getting an ITIN can begin. Some acceptance agents are employed to help people out with this for free; others may charge you for their services.

Filing for an ITIN through an acceptance agent reduces processing time to a great extent.

Is It Necessary To Apply For An ITIN Though An Acceptance Agent?

No. If you want, you can simply do the process yourself and send the form, your identification details and any other required documents by mail to the nearest IRS office in your state. However, if you make any mistakes in the form, miss out certain sections or do not provide the required details, then your process is going to take lot longer than it would have if you had applied through an acceptance agent.

And if it the delay in receiving your ITIN results in missed tax deadlines, then, according to the federal tax laws, you will have to pay penalty fees.

Every individual living in the United States of America or holding a US citizenship must pay their taxes in US dollars and therefore requires a registration with the IRS so that their taxes can be kept under record. Applying for an ITIN is the first step you can take to fulfill your duty and play your role as a responsible citizen of the state.


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