An individual taxpayer identification number, shortly known as the ITIN, is a number issued by the IRS so that individuals can process their taxes. The number consists of nine digits and starts with 9. These ITINs are normally issued to people who do not have or are not eligible to get a social security number from the SSA.

The ITIN number is issued under the circumstances that the individual has to file their federal income tax returns. Therefore, this issuance is not dependent on the immigration status of an individual. The number is also only applicable for federal taxes and will remain invalid for any other purpose such as acquiring a job or for personal identification.

The Purpose and Use of The ITIN Number

ITIN numbers can only be used for federal tax reporting. Therefore, they cannot be used for any other purpose such as personal identification. The intention of the issuance of the ITIN is to help people and allow them to comply with the tax laws of the county, and to give them a means of processing their income tax returns effectively. People who do not have a social security number but are required to pay taxes will need to get an ITIN number.

Having an ITIN number will not authorize individuals to work within the United States or allow them to use benefits of having a social security number.

Individuals Who Need To Get an ITIN Number

The number is issued to people who are foreign nationals or others who do not have or qualify for a social security number, yet need to file their income tax returns. Here are a few examples of people who require an ITIN number:

  • Non residents who need to file their income tax returns
  • A spouse or dependent of a US resident
  • A spouse or dependent of a non resident with a visa
  • A US resident who needs to file income tax returns
  • A non resident who is not eligible to get a SSN

How do I know if I need to get an ITIN?

You will require an ITIN if you do not have a social security number, yet have to file your federal income tax returns. An individual cannot have a social security number and an ITIN number at the same time. However, an individual getting an ITIN must keep in mind that this number cannot be used for matters related to personal identification or getting work within the United States.

You should get an ITIN number if your situation demands it. However, if you are not aware of the process of getting one, or need help of any kind, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you out and answer any of the questions that you might have. The whole process of obtaining an ITIN number is really easy but some individuals find it hard when it comes to attaching supporting documentation along with the application form.

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