The ITIN tax number, or the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, seems to have a very important role in the lives of all Americans. We hear the words ITIN tax number all too often; at workplaces, over family dinners, during discussions with friends. Thanks to the resourceful world of the internet, most of us are already aware of what it is. But for those who are still unsure of what an ITIN tax number is, this article is going to prove helpful.

The ITIN tax number, or the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, is a unique number issued for purposes of tax filing and processing. The Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America issues these numbers. It is a tax identification number that allows its holders to fulfill their tax payment and return responsibilities. ITIN tax numbers are usually nine-digits long, including digits ranging from 77 to 90. Up until 2011, this range was from 70 to 88, but effective from 12th April 2011, the range was revised to include digits up to 99. Examples of an ITI Number can be 9XX-77-XXXX and 9XX-84-XXXX.

Why ITIN Tax Number?

An ITIN tax number is issued by the Internal Revenue Service to individuals who do not qualify for a Social Security Number. For example, foreign nationals who do not hold a Social Security Numbers are issued ITIN tax numbers. It is typically issued to facilitate individuals in fulfilling their federal tax reporting responsibilities only. It is important to note that having an ITIN tax number does not qualify an individual for other benefits, for example, authorization to work in the USA or benefits of Earned Income Tax Credit or Social Security Number.

For an individual to qualify for an ITIN tax number, he or she must have a valid income tax return and a filing requirement, unless there is an exception. The IRS issues ITIN tax numbers regardless of the immigration status of the holder because both residents and non-residents of USA may have reporting and filing responsibilities as per the Internal Revenue Code. The Internal Revenue Service frequently updates and revises policies regarding ITIN tax number sto ensure facilitation in reporting and filing purposes.

Who Needs an ITIN Tax Number?

Besides the foreign nationals residing in the United States, the law requires certain other individuals to apply for and obtain an ITIN tax number. These individuals include:

  1. A US resident alien with filing requirements: a foreigner who permanently resides in the USA but does not have citizenship.
  2. A non-resident alien with filing requirements: a non-citizen who has not passed the green card or substantial presence test.
  3. Spouse or dependent of a US resident/citizen not eligible for SSN
  4. Spouse or dependent of a non-resident not eligible for SSN

It is important to note that ITIN tax number is an important identification for tax processing purposes only. It can only be used as identity within the US tax system, but not beyond that for other non-tax purposes. The Internal Revenue Service does not offer further validation of documents for ITINs except for reporting and filing requirements. Therefore, ITIN tax number holders cannot offer it for non-tax identification.

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