Not many are aware of what an ITIN number is, subsequently, many are unaware of who IRS certifying acceptance agents are and what do they do. Many individuals can easily confuse them with other agents, and easily take them for someone else. This blog will help you understand the role of a certifying acceptance agent.

Knowing what an ITIN Number is

An ITIN number, and the role the number plays, are not commonly known by many individuals. When you ask someone do you have an ITIN? That person will be either confused, or can mistake it for something else. Well, an ITIN number is a distinguished number provided to individuals looking for income tax returns from the government, and those individuals are not holders of SSN cards. An SSN is only approved to those who are meeting all requirements, for those who do not; they are given an ITIN number. The ITIN number is only used for this sole purpose. If an individual does receive an ITIN number, only that individual can claim tax returns, and this does not change the status of the individual in the United States. All working individuals residing in the United are required to pay taxes according to the United States law.

The Role of a Certifying Acceptance Agent

When an individual applies for an ITIN number, and needs help with their W-7 form, the individual come to the agents, who are also known as IRS CAA. The certifying acceptance agents work with the IRS; they help the individual who is stuck with their W-7 form with the process and documentations. Let us assume an individual prints the W-7 form but is facing some unwanted complications. The individual then approaches a local certifying acceptance agent for help. The agent will then sit with the individual, go through the form, explaining the requirements and procedures. At the end of the form, when the individual has completed the form by filling the required spaces, he/she will sign the form. The individual will also have to attach required documents, such as proof of identification along with the form. The identification documentations may include documents such as the individual’s passport, their school records, medical records, visa, driver’s license if the individual has one, another country’s license, or any kind of proof which is recent and/or authentic. After, when the form and documents have been submitted to the CAA, the agent will check the authentication of the information provided in the form, as well as on the documents which the individual had submitted with the form. The certification will not take long for this process, as the agent is already an expert and a professional at their job. Once the agent has declared all information related to the W-7 form as approved material, the form and documentations will be carried on to the IRS for further processing.

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