As tax services South Orlando we know that everyone is always looking forward to reap all that years of hard work after retirement. Your pension is waiting for you and you have been paying the income tax on it since your first pay check. The looming question is, whether your pension will be all yours to enjoy or will it be taxed as well?

A pension is a benefit that you receive from your employer. It is the promise that your employer will pay you this particular amount of money after you retire. You must report this to tax services South Orlando.

In case you leave a job before your time to retire, you may or may not receive a pension, but that depends a lot on things like how long you have worked for a company and whether your pension has vested or not. Vest is the number of years that you must stay with an employer before you can get your pension. Vesting varies from company to company. This is why you need guidance from tax services South Orlando.

The bottom line is that once you retire and start receiving your pension every month. The IRS views it as your income and you have to pay taxes on it. To reduce the amount of taxes you pay on it, you should see tax services South Orlando.

Tax Services South Orlando Pre and Post Tax Contributions

These sort of contributions can make a difference to your tax filing process. If some part of your paycheck goes into your pension fund pretax, this reduces your adjusted gross income and your federal tax bill for every working year. Do not let yourself get confused with this, you can always contact tax services South Orlando and seek their expert advice before you begin working on your taxes.

On the other hand, if you give away a part of your income to pension post tax, you can easily get some of your pension tax free. The reason for this is that you already have paid taxes on such contributions – it would be a miscalculation to repeat that. Again, do not get confused here. The good news, that tax services South Orlando will give you is that the IRS lets you access a calculation to understand how much of your pension is tax free and how much is not.

Tax Services South Orlando Advises on Getting A Lump Sum Payout

When you chose your pension, make sure that you also think about your choice of a lump sum payout right after retirement. You have to pay taxes anyway, but choosing a lump sum payout can get a higher tax bracket after retirement. This could get you to pay more taxes than you would have with periodic payments. For certain retirees, tax services South Orlando, recommend they make quarterly tax payments or have the federal taxes withheld so that they do not have to face any surprises during tax season.

If you have retirement saving accounts, it would be wise to work with an accountant from tax services South Orlando and find out how much of your income will be going to the government.

Restrictions On Tax Deduction

Probably the best part about preparing to file taxes with tax services South Orlando is making deductions. The unfortunate side to this is that you cannot make a deduction on anything with any value that you prefer. Sure it seems like the IRS lets you claim deductions on a lot of things, but it comes with a separate set of restrictions on all these deductions. You may understand the different types of tax deductions that tax services South Orlando fill find for you, but that does not mean that each type has the same rule for all expenses that you incur. Each type of expense comes with its own rules and restrictions when claiming deductions.

If you find these a little too confusing, the best option for you is to look up tax services South Orlando for their expertise. The certain restrictions when it comes to making tax deductions are:

Health Care

All out-of-pocket expenses need to exceed 7.5 percent of your AGI before you even think of writing them off.

Charitable Donations

You are allowed to treat half of your charitable donations to any organization as deductibles. Apart from that, 30% of donations made to private foundations can be deducted. Please consult your tax services South Orlando for more details.

Earned Income

One of the most coveted tax credits at tax services South Orlando is the earned income credit. Earned Income Credit is bound by each tax payer’s income level and your filing status. For instance, if you are filing jointly or have more than one dependent, you are allowed to claim this credit if your income is less than or exactly $38,348.

Moving Expenses

The restriction on claiming a deduction on moving expenses is that you need to moving more than 50 miles. There are some restrictions in this tax credit, so please consult your tax services South Orlando.

Teacher’s Expenses

A teacher who uses money out of his/her own pocket to buy supplies like paper and markers for her student, $250 is the maximum limit towards which she can deduct her expenses.

Retirement Plans

The best tax services South Orlando will advise that retirement withdrawal penalties let you arrange a penalty-free withdrawal from a retirement account only before you cross over the age of 59 years. And that too you have to pay back in 5 years time otherwise you will be penalized.

Self-Employment Credit

Tax services South Orlando will show that you are allowed to make deductions a self-employed worker. The restriction here is that you are only allowed to deduct 50% of your health premium, self-employment tax and any contribution to retirement plans. Also, you are able to claim home office deductions like percentage of rent, electricity, and phone bills. That too only if you state these costs as business related.


All IRA contributions can only be deducted up to the maximum amount of $4,000.

Apart from the list above, there are certain things that go in your tax preparation at tax services South Orlando, but you most certainly cannot claim deductions for these. These are gift taxes, taxes on inheritance and estate, federal income taxes, and penalties and interest on taxes.

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