The best tax preparation in South Orlando offices will tell you that filing taxes on time is every individual’s responsibility towards the state. But at times, this task becomes so complex and time consuming, that people usually put it in the to-be-done category and then forget it. Later, they have to face the bitter consequences. To avoid any such trouble, get yourself prepared, particularly with the documents that you would need to improve your tax preparation in South Orlando and all over the US.


Photo identification is the basic and the most important document that you need to carry with you when it comes to tax preparation in South Orlando. It can be either your driving license, military ID or even your passport that you can ring along. Also, you need to have your Social Security card with yourself. If you have a spouse or any other dependants then bring their social security cards as well.

If you are married and filing jointly, then go with your spouse to the tax preparation in South Orlando office, as there are documents that need to be signed by both of you. Also, ensure that you enter the correct social security number to the form, as every year, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) declines a lot of tax returns, just because their social security numbers do not match.

Income Proof:

The IRS does not only keep a record of the earnings you make from your job alone, but also of all those other sources that are getting you paid or providing you financial benefits. Therefore, for tax preparation in South Orlando, you would need official income statements from all the sources that you are earning from.

During the process of tax preparation in South Orlando, your tax Preparer would need these documents to categorize your sources of income into two categories, as defined by the IRS: earned income and unearned income. Earned income includes the wages and salaries from your job and is presented to the government via a W-2 from the employer or a 1099 form if you are self-employed. Whereas, unearned income focuses on income sources such as retirement income, social security benefits, alimony, etc.

Expense Proof:

Nobody ever wants to overpay his taxes; rather everyone looks for deductible expenses to shrink out their final tax return. Tax preparation in South Orlando services can help you to bring about such deductions, if you provide them with significant documents showing your expenses.

Expenses bring tax deduction. It is this reason that tax services in South Orlando or anywhere else ask you to keep the receipts of all the purchases and payments you make, be it your business expenses; that usually brings most of the deduction, medical or educational expenses. So get all of your expense documents ready. Furthermore, when filing tax returns, don’t forget to include the documents for the charitable contributions you have made, whether cash or non-cash and job hunting expenses. These can also minimize your tax burden.

Hopefully, this year you won’t panic when it’s the time to pay your taxes, as you would already be prepared with all the basic and important documents that are needed to file tax returns.

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