International students coming to study in the United States might need to get an ITIN number. Keep in mind that it only under special circumstances an international student would be required to file for taxes. To find out if you are eligible to get an ITIN number, see here:

  • You came to study in the United States on an F-1 or J-1 international student visa and came to the country on a fellowship, scholarship, stipend, or grant. If you are not working and do not have a Social Security Number (SSN), you will need to get an ITIN number because you are getting income from a United States source.
  • If you have dependents that came to the United States on an F-2 or J-2 visa and belong to a country that allows them to claim taxes on your tax returns, they need to get an ITIN number.

If you found out that you qualify to get an ITIN number, you should apply for one immediately by filing Form W-7.

When Should You Apply to Get an ITIN Number?

There is no specific time period or date you are required to adhere to file for an ITIN, but you can do it as soon as you arrive to the United States. Remember only to apply for an ITIN when the Student Exchange Visa Information System (SEVIS) activates your immigration records.

Additionally, you can submit your ITIN application when you file your first tax returns. The dependents on the F-2 or J-2 visa can only file their tax returns when the primary does. If you are a professor who has come to teach in the United States, you and your dependents, if any, are also eligible to apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Where Should You Apply Get an ITIN Number?

You can obtain an application for ITIN by visiting the Internal Revenue Service or IRS website. After completing the form, take it to an IRS office and if you live outside of the United States, visit the United States consular office. Sometimes, the IRS assigns authority to accept ITIN applications to certain educational institutions.

An alternative to this is to mail your ITIN form to the IRSs along with your tax returns and a certified and notarized copy of your passport. If you have an IRS Assistance Center located in your locality, take your application to them, as it decreases the processing time. You can find the locations of the local IRS Assistance Centers by visiting the IRS site.

If you do not hear any updates on the processing of your ITIN application after fourteen days, you need to call the center to find out why they are delaying the approval of your application.

In the event a problem arises in the processing of your ITIN application, you can contact an immigration attorney that specializes in handling such cases. On the safe side, it is advised that you do not fill out the form yourself, but get the help from an immigration attorney to get an ITIN number.

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