Clients often change their accounting firm Orlando more frequently than is required. A high turnover amongst the client could mean uncertainty in revenue calculations and high operation costs. So, what are the reasons that lead the clients changing their accountants?

  1. An Indifferent Attitude– Although impractical, all clients want them to be your accounting firm Orlando number one priority. This could be hard to manage since it requires constant attention and feedback from the client. Not responding to the client’s queries or calls can makes them want to switch to someone they can do business with who gives them constant attention.
  2. Not Meeting Deadlines– Deadlines are crucial in the field of accounting Orlando. When you promise your client to deliver something on a due date and fail to do so, it reflects negatively on your professional reputation and integrity.
  3. Meeting Assignments Just in Time– Most accounting firms in Orlando are familiar with this practice and encourage their associates to avoid doing this. By completing your assignment just in time, you cost your clients some precious time that could otherwise have been used to revise and clarify any queries.
  4. No Value for Money– When you charge your clients, they expect to get the best quality service from you. Not being able to meet their standards and still charging exuberant fees could taint your professional image.
  5. Failure to Save Their Money– One of the most important reasons that a majority of clients come to your accounting firm Orlando is so that they can save money on their tax returns by having them filed by an expert. Not being able to do so, will ultimately defeat the purpose of them hiring you.
  6. Not Understanding their Needs– Most clients are pretty specific and clear about what they want out of you. Not being able to understand their needs could lead to miscommunication of their expectation  from your service.
  7. Imposing Your Advice– Most clients have different ideas and approaches to various business problems. Being adamant about your accounting firm Orlando advice and failure to listen to them can lead you to losing your client.
  8. They are being charged for business expenses about which they were not warned about– Most clients base their financial planning and forecast according to the base numbers you provide. Therefore, when they are charged with unexpected expenses, it reflects upon your neglect and carelessness.
  9. You charge them additional fees without informing them– When you charge your clients other than your billing hours without any specification and informing them in advance, your client will feel that they are being made fools of and will start looking for someone else.
  10. You fail to explain your ideas– Presentation is an important skill in accounting firm Orlando. Your clients might not be finance graduates, but they want to be as involved in the process as they can be. Throwing numbers at them and expecting them to understand your insights right away can make them feel alienated from the process.

How do you manage to retain your client? Share your experience in fostering a long term relationship with your clients in the comments section.

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