As Orlando QuickBooks training Pro Advisors we have seen that every business wants to use an accounting system that is secure and easy to understand. The best example of such a complete accounting solution is probably QuickBooks. The software is available for use at an affordable monthly fee and offers a wide range of financial tools. These include everything from basic account tracking to managing all your contractors, vendors and even employees. However all these features can properly be utilized only if you sign up for QuickBooks training in Orlando. Until, you do these, you will never fully be able to enjoy the advantages that QuickBooks can offer.

Here are some simple guidelines to get you started with but these are by no means enough. Even after this, you would have to participate in QuickBooks training in Orlando for increased productivity and efficiency.

Hire an Accountant in Orlando

Before you begin using the software you should discuss the matter with a reputed accountant in Orlando. There are many firms that offer counseling services and would be able to help you determine your needs. They can even help you in setting the software up and your Quickbooks training in Orlando.

Review the basics

You should have probably installed the software by now. There is a ‘Getting Started’ tutorial available with the program, and you should try that out first. This would help you in developing a familiarity with the software and understanding the way it functions. The software classifies revenue and expenses as ‘Money In ‘and ‘Money Out’, respectively. Cash flows are then mapped through ‘Getting Around’ which is similar to a chart.

Secure the software

Your business security and protection of all details is a must, particularly so when it comes to sensitive details like finances. QuickBooks puts a complete picture of your finances in one place, and you must use it in a very secure manner. Integrate your account with a strong password and change it regularly.

Provide information about your business

Now that you have secured QuickBooks, you can begin to input all vital information. Open up the ‘Preferences’ menu from the Company tab. Now provide all your details as advised by your account. Though you enter any information that you want, you would particularly have to provide your business structure, Tax ID number, reporting calendar and reporting forms. Input all of the details correctly and once done, double check to make sure.

Provide customer, vendor and employee information

From the ‘Customer’ tab, access the interface that lets you enter client details. You should enter the names, email ids and addresses carefully, but more important is to correctly enter the ‘Payment Method’. You would have to confirm this from your customers and once you get an expense from their end, enter the possible choices that include cash, credit card and check.

Similarly, enter all information about your employees and vendors from their respective tabs.

Track your cash flows

Go to the banking tab and play with the reporting options. This would help you in keeping a track of all your expenses. There are many other analysis tools; try all of them to gain an understanding.

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