Come tax time, tempers can flare and stress is typically on the rise. Filing your taxes is definitely not one of the most pleasant experiences you will go through. Every time when 15th of April approaches, most people scramble in a race against time to ensure that they are able to file their taxes before then deadline has passed.

Once you go beyond the tax filing deadline you are opening yourself up to a number of different fines and penalties by the IRS. To avoid that, instead of doing their taxes on their own most people opt for accountant Orlando.

When you are looking to prepare for your tax filing with your accountant Orlando, here are some of questions you need to ask them before the deadline arises.

What Information Should I Have?

While you may have employed a professional tax accountant Orlando, for them to function properly they will typically need some documents from you that can act as evidences in your tax deduction and greater tax refund claims. Typically this information will include your tax identification number; you bank statements and evidences of any charity that you have donated to, etc.

Can I have my Direct Business Expenses Deducted? If Yes, what?

When you are filing your taxes, the most important thing you need to know is the amount of expenses made in your business directly that you can deduct from your tax bill. Yes, direct expenses put into the running of a business, in its expansion and buying of machinery for the business all of which can be categorized as necessary business expenses. Typically you can claim all direct business expenses that can be categorized as having been necessary for the running of the business. These expenses will typically include expenses such as:

  • Expenses incurred on buying of equipment
  • Expenses incurred on maintenance of equipment
  • Rent payments
  • Money spent directly on integral services for the business.

As long as there is no gray area as to whether the amount was spent on the business or your own self or home, direct business expenses can be claimed.

Is there are need for me to top up my Savings?

An important thing to ask your accountant Orlando is regarding the amount of savings that you should keep. The tax bill can be high sometime and low other times. This unpredictability can often result in there always being a need for extra cash. One of the reasons for employing an accountant Orlando to deal with your taxes is to ensure the situation is clearer at the start of the year. Buying certain items for example can get you a greater tax deduction. Knowing what will affect you how at the start of the year will ensure that you have adequate financial capacity to pay off your tax easily.

Irrespective of tax times, there are a number of other questions that you may want to ask your accountant Orlando. Some of them are outlined below.

Will you be of any help in Growing my Business?

If you hire a professional accountant Orlando you can rest assured that they will help you grow your business. For a business to grow, it will first need a secure financial model that is built by an expert. The work of an accountant in this regard will be ensure that the plan is being followed and to modify it in situations where the financial outlook of the business changes.

Can you help me assess the Overall Business value?

Knowing what you business is worth is an important part of business. When you know how much you are worth, you can take decisions according to the wealth of your business. Asking you professional accountant Orlando to evaluate your business is a common request made by most owners.

An accountant will typically estimate the company’s value keeping in mind its tangible assets. They will typically make use of a Discounted Cash flow and a financial plan to find value of your business. Typically though, to perfectly find the value of your business your account will need to make sure they comprehend what your business is about only then will they be able to really find its value.

What are the Mistakes that I need to Avoid?

Most people that are working with an accountant Orlando or anywhere in the world should make it a habit to ask their accountant of the mistakes that their previous clients made while working with accountants and how you can save yourself. A professional accountant Orlando will tell you that lack of honesty is the biggest mistake to do.

The job of an accountant is just like that of a lawyer, they are in charge of important aspects of your life and falsifying evidence and not being truthful with them will affect you ultimately. Even if you have certain discrepancies you need to be clear with your accountant and they will help you come clean without damaging your business.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

When you are using the services of a professional accountant Orlando you need to be aware of their costs before hiring them. Some of them may hire on a flat out rate, while others may work on percentage of tax returns. You should carefully asses what you deem fit, before choosing either.

Will you be Available to me 24/7?

There are several problems that can arise and you may need to have your accountant Orlando by your side. For that, talk to them before hand and ensure that they are available all the time to help you in matters of emergency.

The questions mentioned above are some of the most common questions that you can ask an accountant before you have finally decided on which one to take. The role of an accountant it is important to realize is not just about taxes, they are the doctors of your finances and hence their work is all year round.




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