FTAX Blog Before hiring an accountant in Hunters Creek, FL, your business should consider asking some important questions. There are the basic questions you ask them regarding their qualifications and experience as an accountant. However, these questions won’t get you the perfect accountant for your business.

In order to employ the perfect accountant, you need to dig deep and ask them questions that will help you narrow down your choice for finding the right accountant. So, instead of asking them the usual questions, try asking them the following questions:

What Type Clients Do You Usually Work With?

Asking them for a list of their previous or current clients will give you an idea of the type of clients they provide their services for the most. Through the client list, you will get to know if in the last they have provided their accounting services to similar businesses like yours. Therefore, you need a client that knows your business industry well.

Do You Provide Your Services Year Round?

You can ask the accountant in Hunters Creek, FL if they provide their tax services all year around as some accounting firms close up their offices and only reopen for the next tax season. If you run a small business, then it’s pertinent that you ask them this question since you will require their services all year around.

What Is Your Experience With The IRS?

The enrolled agents (EA) should not be looked down upon when compared to certified public accountant (CPAs). While people say that CPAs are more reputable due their certifications, EAs on the other hand are certified by the federal government.

The enrolled agents often have more experience handling taxes and audits. Moreover, they are often former IRS agents who have vast knowledge of how the IRS system works. Therefore, instead of focusing on certification, you should also focus more on the experience of an accountant in Hunters Creek that’s relevant to the requirements of your business.

Who will be Responsible of Doing the Work?

Some accounting firms delegate work to a third party. If you suspect a firm that does that, then you should ask them when you meet them. It is vital for the firm to be direct with you if they do outsource work to someone not working in their firm. Furthermore, it can become difficult for you to communicate directly with a third partly handling your taxes.

What Do You Charge For Your Services?

You should ask your accountant in Hunters Creek about how they bill their clients. Some accountants might bill you by the hour while others may bill you a flat rate. So, which method of billing is better? You should consider accounting firms that provide their clients with an hourly billing method. This method is more advantageous for a business as you won’t always be providing the accountant in Hunters Creek, FL with a lot of continuous work.

Are You Able to Handle Working with Multiple Businesses?

If you have more than one business that needs their taxes managed by an accountant in Hunters Creek, then you should ask the accountant if they could manage both businesses at the same time. The accountant should be able to coordinate and track the transferring of money between the two businesses you own.

Hopefully, asking these questions will help you make the correct decision while selecting an accountant.

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