When you decide it is time to apply for an ITIN number, you may think that the best way to apply would be online, as it will save you time and a lot of worries. Here are some questions and their answers someone new may ask and would want to know.

How do I apply for an ITIN Number?

In order to apply for an ITIN number you have to fill and submit the W-7 Form.

Where Can I Find the W-7 Form?

You may find the form W-7 for the ITIN number application online from the official IRS website.

What Does the IRS do?

The IRS upon confirmation and authentic publish an individual their ITIN number.

What does an ITIN Number actually do?

An ITIN number helps the IRS keep track of those individuals who have been paying their part of taxes. Taxes are obligatory on every earning citizen, earning resident alien, earning non-resident alien, and on the spouses of the residents and non-residents. If you also qualify under these categories you have to get an ITIN number as you do for an SSN number.

If I do not have a SSN Number, Do I have to get an ITIN Number?

Yes, it is necessary for a person living and earning in the United States to have either one of the two. Those who are eligible for an SSN number do not require an ITIN number; those who do not have an SSN number are required to have an ITIN number.

How is the ITIN number useful for me?

Good question. You have just started to earn, your employer pays taxes on your behalf from your pay, let us assume you have paid more than you are suppose to, if so, then the government will return the extra money back to you. This money is called tax return, and is only returned to those individuals who have a SSN or an ITIN number. This is one reason why an ITIN number is important.

In Which Other Way is this Useful?

An ITIN number has a sole purpose, for taxes. The only reason this number is issued is for tax purposes. The only other thing which ITIN number can be useful for is to show the government that the individual is a law abiding citizen as he or she has been paying all of their taxes, fairly on time. This sets a good example for the individual in front of the government but this does not mean the individual has achieved a status of citizen or the status of a green card holder.

What are the Procedures of receiving an ITIN Number?

Here is a short step by step guide to help you understand the process and procedure:

  • Step 1- Fill The W-7 Form
  • Step 2- Provide Authentic Identification Documents Along With the Form
  • Step 3- If You Need Assistance Visit a Nearby Taxpayer Assistance Center
  • Step 4- After all Proof has been verified and the W-7 Form has been Completed and Sent Forward Wait for Their Response.
  • Step 5- It Usually Takes Around 6 Weeks for the IRS to Provide you With an ITIN Number

Can I Apply for an ITIN Number Online?

No, you can not apply for an ITIN number online directly with the IRS, but you can hire the services of Freedomtax ITIN experts where the entire process can be done online.

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