If you are an Immigrant who has been working in the United States and you have wanted an ITIN number, but you do not know how to gain it, here is an important question and answer section to help you.

How do I apply for ITIN Number?

The W-7 form, needed to file for an ITIN number, can be found online or on IRS’s official website. You have to fill the form with accurate information in order to be provided with an ITIN number.

Do I actually need an ITIN number?

Yes. The ITIN number is mandatory even if you earn just a $1 within the United States. If you are an immigrant, you probably do not have an SSN. Those who do not have SSN numbers need an ITIN number.

Can an ITIN Number be used for opening Bank Accounts?

A few banks, couple of credit unions, and some financial institutions allow an individual to use their ITIN number to open savings and checking accounts which pay interest as well. Car and Home loans can also be applied for through ITIN number.

Can I get a Job with an ITIN number?

No. An ITIN number does not provide individuals or dependants with jobs.

Can I get an SSN with an ITIN Number?

No, an ITIN number does not make an individual eligible to receive an SSN number, nor does it provide any kind of benefit.

Am I safe while using an ITIN Number?

The IRS has no link with the Department of Immigration or any other department regarding immigration. The information attained from the individual to the IRS stays with them only.

How can I apply for an ITIN Number Online?

You cannot. The IRS has no online ITIN number application method. But Freedomtax ITIN Experts website you apply for ITIN number online.

What kind of Documents can I use as Identification?

You may use the following documents:

  • Your national Identification Card
  • U.S. Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License of Your Country of Origin
  • Identification Card of the State
  • Voter Registration Card from Country of Origin
  • Military Identification from the United States or Country of Origin
  • Visa
  • School Records
  • and Medical Records

Procedures of receiving an ITIN Number

The following are the procedures for ITIN:

  • Find and fill the W-7 Form
  • Make sure all Information is accurate
  • Make sure you have made photo copies of all needed documents
  • Attach all documents with the form
  • If assistance is required, visit Taxpayer Assistance Services with all documents
  • Once verified, it will be sent forward to the IRS
  • Await response

Their response can take up to 6 weeks, but can take a while longer if applied for during tax season.

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