If you have a family and you are wondering how you can apply for an ITIN number, here is a short question and answer guide to help you with your queries.

How I apply for ITIN Number?

Any individual earning in the United States has to pay taxes. It is mandatory and obligatory on each earning individual whatever their status maybe. If the individual has not been issues an SSN, they can apply for an ITIN number through the W-7 form which can be found on the official IRS website.

I have Dependants with me, how can they apply for an ITIN number?

When you fill the ITIN number W-7 form, there will be a portion where it will ask if you have any dependants with you. You can simply write in the form the dependant’s status in the W-7 form.

What if my Wife & Children live Outside the USA?

If your status in the United States is of a resident alien you can choose the status of married while filing for the ITIN number. If your wife and children have no plans of coming to the States, your wife must file worldwide income. Where as you cannot claim the children as dependants, as they have not been within the States. If your wife and children are willing to come, then you must treat them as dependants.

Can we receive an ITIN Number Online?

ITIN numbers are not obtained from online. Obtaining an ITIN number online can be proved as a threat to security as the internet can be hacked easily by new and improved technology being introduced now-a-days. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Is an ITIN Number Useful for Us?

An ITIN number can come in handy with tax returns. Tax returns can save you a little bit of the extra money which you will receive back from the government. This money can go into your savings for you future retirement plans or can be included in your child or children’s future. Paying your taxes on time shows the government that you obey the law and follow it as other individuals do.

What if a Dependant is Adopted?

If one or more of the dependants have been adopted, the n you can attach their proof of identification, such as a birth certificate, and the adoption papers along with the W-7 form.

In Which Other Way is this Useful?

The ITIN number can only help you in tax returns. This number does not prove anything else. It does put your name in the good book of the IRS and the government.

Procedures of receiving an ITIN Number

The first thing you have to do is search for the W-7 form from online. The easier way would be to visit the official IRS website. The second thing would be to print a copy of the form, filling it with required information and documents, and lastly mailing to or directly visiting the IRS headquarters.

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