The year 2015 has been much like the year 2014, a whirlwind of tax changes and a whole lot to do. When the tax season comes to town, all hell seems to break loose. Gathering and organizing documents, preparing forms, and getting information updated are some of the major tasks that need to be completed before the actual filing can begin. How do you get all of this done in such a short span of time? By hiring tax services in Orlando! Using the tax services in Orlando will help you organize your tax preparations.

Other than employing tax services in Orlando, you can make a checklist to channel your approach and give it a structured feel.  After each task is completed check the task off. Continue this until all the tasks in your checklist have been checked off. If you follow this procedure religiously, you’ll be able to file your taxes easily come 2016.

Not sure what your checklist should contain? Here is a low down on the top entrants of the list.

Check and renew/Update your address

Have you changed your house recently? Is the new address still known to only a few people in and around you? No need to panic, notify all of the related federal and state level tax authorities about the change in your address. Also send it out to your former employers and bank that may send you a W2 form or a 1099-int form respectively. You should also notify investments, brokerages and trusts about your change in address.

Create a Tax File

The hardest thing to do at the end of the tax year – when you are desperately trying to file your taxes with help from tax services Orlando – is finding all the documents related to taxes. To avoid that, right now, grab a file and marker and label the file a tax file. Now make sure you keep this file readily available for viewing at all times to make it easy for you to integrate records and receipts. If you are uneasy about putting originals in the file, use photocopied documents to keep it updated.

Be Careful with Your Name

Brides that have newly entered wedlock will have to change their name and notify everyone important in their life about it. The one entity most brides completely forget about notifying is the Social Security Administration. If you have different names on your tax returns form and on your social security card, your refund will most likely be delayed. If you are looking to get it on time, get your name changed on your social security card.

Get Your Hands on an IRS Pin

Each year there are plenty of tax thefts. This year was no different. If you have been a victim of tax theft via theft of your social security number, notify the IRS immediately. The IRS will issue you a personal identification number or an IP PIN that’ll flag your account and allow no return to be filed with your social security number.

Following this checklist as well as working closely with tax services in Orlando will help you make tax filing for 2016 easier.

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