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Before you apply for your second PPP loan, make sure you meet the PPP Second Draw eligibility requirements. In this video, we show you the PPP 2 reduction in revenue formula.

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How to Calculate a 25% Reduction in Revenue for PPP 2

What is the 25% reduction in revenue criteria?
The 25% reduction in revenue criteria only applies to businesses applying for their second draw PPP loan. This new, second PPP loan means new eligibility requirements.

To apply, a business must have used up their first PPP loan, have no more than 300 employees, and show a 25% reduction in revenue from 2019 to 2020.

For loan amounts under $150,000, the 25% reduction needs to be proven during the forgiveness process. If your loan amount is greater than $150,000, you will need to prove it during the application process.

The 25 percent reduction in revenue is calculated one of two ways:

Comparing annual gross receipts between 2019 and 2020 as reported on a completed tax return

Comparing gross receipts in a quarter of 2020 with that same quarter in 2019

For businesses that started in 2020:
If a business started in 2020 and was operational on February 15, 2020, it is eligible for a second PPP loan. You must use Q1 2020 as your comparison period. The 25% reduction can be shown using Q2, Q3, or Q4 2020.

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