FTAX Blog As an Orlando tax problem help expert, I always ask my clients, Do you not want your refund delayed? No one does. However, to ensure this, you have to make sure there are no mistakes on your tax return form. Do this and there is no way that your refund will be delayed. Fill out your return with extreme care, and re-check it a number of times with even more care. Here is what you need to examine carefully before you file your return.

Please note that we have presented only the basic elements here and a reputed company offering tax problem help in Orlando can serve as a better guide.


Carefully view the names you have entered on the return form and make sure they are a match with the names on your social security cards. The spelling must be exactly the same, otherwise you will have to face issues later on. Moreover, if you are now married, but still have to get the name on your Social Security Card changed, you can use your single name for right now.

ID Numbers

Look up your Social Security number on your card and also look up the id numbers of your family. Now, verify each digit one by one with the number on your tax return. Just as the names, the numbers must also be exactly the same.

Form 1040

Inspect the bottom of page 1 of your 1040 form. If there are any numbers, you do not understand, it is probably because of a contribution. At times, people forget they have made a contribution to a retirement plan or IRA. Thoroughly, think over this and then put in an amount.

Generally, if you are not paying alimony, there should be no amount at all. If you are paying one, the exact amount will mentioned along with the social security number of your ex-spouse. Your ex-spouse must also mention the same amount on their returns; if any discrepancies arise, IRS is going to trouble you both.

As for education costs, they can appear as fees on page 1. At times, they are also stated on the next page under education credits. If this is not so, find out and correct your form.


Decoctions can be either itemized or standard. For people who are not homeowners, do not have excessive medical expenses or do not run a business, they do not need to itemize. You can try so if you want, but your standard deduction will probably be greater.

In case your form mentions a different amount, go through Schedule A. At times, mortgage interest amount or contributions are factored in even if you have not spend any money on these.

While you should take note of the above, you should take some advice from a reputed company offering tax problem help in Orlando. They can provide you with a deeper insight, and not only will you be able to get your refund quicker, you can get it bigger as well.

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