FTAX Blog QuickBooks is a popular accounting software that can make your tasks so much more easier than without it. The applications help you with your billing, pilling, payroll, invoices and the like. Obviously, there are a few technicalities involved, and you can gain benefits only when you are extremely apt at using it. You should sign up for a program focusing on QuickBooks training Orlando so that you can truly make use of its advantages.

For right now, we have presented you with a few suggestions that we hope will make you get a grip on the software.

Learn shortcuts

Like any other Windows program, QuickBooks also has a number of shortcuts. Some of these are general, and are just the same as used in other applications like Word or Excel, so you will already be familiar with them. As for the others, learn them, because they will save you time especially when you do the same tasks over and over again.

Personalize the program’s icon bar

QuickBooks allows you to customize the icon bar as per your wishes. This is located on the top of the screen and features buttons that allow you to open a file, access a report, enter transactions and so on. If you want, you can change these buttons by adding more, removing the ones already present or rearranging them.

Integrate with Excel

You can grasp a complete financial picture of your company only when your company only when you prepare reports. QuickBooks does help you with this, but you can gain more benefits when you export them to Excel. Though the reports are very customizable, they still do not let you perform a very deep financial analysis in QuickBooks. Excel is a great option for this, which is why transferring reports is recommend.

Move your data to the cloud

Hard drive crashes are fairly common, and were you to lose your complete data, a lot of problems will arise. As such, back up your data on a regular basis. A good way to protect your data is to use QuickBooks cloud technology, which provides you with 24/7 access to all information you need anytime and anywhere.

Customize the Chart of Accounts

A Chart of Accounts is generated by considering your business type; you are then provided with various accounts such as revenue, expense and liability. QuickBooks creates them automatically so you should inspect them and make sure they are compatible with your financial and tax needs. Modify the charts if they do not seem suitable for your business.

Use right clicks

Right clicking in QuickBooks provides with a quick access to different options. Right click anywhere and a lot of menus will pop up on the screen; use them to perform your tasks faster.

The above is only a very basic view of what is actually involved.  You will have to register for a reputed QuickBooks training Orlando so that you can become an expert at it. Only then will it be helpful for your firm’s accounting.

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