FTAX Blog With my years as an Orlando accountant, I have seen that tax scams are quite common in the country. Every year, a number of unauthorized individuals try to gain access to tax refunds and steel money. The IRS reports several of these cases on an annual basis .As a tax payer, what can you do to keep yourself protected? Your chosen accountant Orlando will provide you the details of this, but over here, we will quickly go over the main points.

Ignoring emails from the IRS

One of the most common methods of thieves who want your personal information is to send you an email. They claim they are from the IRS and inform you that you are entitled to a refund. Now they will ask you for your bank account number, social security number and other personal details. Once they get this, they can take the refund in your name.

As I have said in my Orlando accountant blog in the past, if any email asks you for sensitive information, you can take it as a warning sign. The IRS will never contact you through email messages, text messages or social media. If you get any of these, beware because whomever they are from, it is definitely not the IRS.

Hanging up on callers who say they are from IRS

According to the IRS, thieves also try to initiate contact with you through phone calls. They will call you up and say that they are IRS agents. As with the emails, they mostly state that you are entitled to a refund and they require your personal options. At times, the thieves also tell you that you owe money to the IRS, which must be pad immediately. Just you to scare you and force you to respond to them, they add that they will arrest you if you ignore.

Once again, the IRS does not usually contact you by phone so refrain from revealing sensitive information. If you are still doubtful, call back the IRS on their official numbers and then discuss the issue with them. There probably will not be anything to worry about, and the phone call will just turn out to be fake. If you receive a phone call from the IRS, call your accountant in Orlando, to report the scam.

Amazing claims

As tax season draws near, there are often rumors about huge refunds and amazing tax benefits. Sound good, do they not? Good they may be, but are they are often not. If you come across any remaining tax benefit or huge refund, it is probably just a trap to lure you. Ignore all of these or the money you pay to these services will just go to waste.

If you need tax help, hire a credible and qualified accountant Orlando.

Protect your personal information

Your tax return is an important piece of document and people do try to access it for stealing your personal information. Always keep your return in a safe location. If you are e-filing, use a strong password as protection.

Your protective measures should not just apply to your return. They also hold for your other tax forms, which you expect from your employer, contractor and other people.

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