FTAX Blog For accounting firms in Orlando, marketing is usually not one of their preferred tasks. This holds especially true for medium sized and small accounting businesses as they rely on the age old custom of referrals. However, merely relying on referrals is not a very good idea. For a medium-sized and small accounting firm, marketing can be very beneficial. Marketing your accounting firm can help you reach out to your target market. It will generate a good brand image and attract potential customers. Read on to find out ways to effectively market your accounting firm.

Marketing Plan

The first thing to do is develop a marketing plan for your firm. In this marketing plan, include your business targets. Your goals, your mission, monthly and annual targets, must be included in this plan. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis is also crucial. This will help in determining how your firm can achieve its goals and prosper.


Ask your satisfied clients to refer you to their friends and families. This includes both former and current clients. This is one of the best ways to market your accounting firm in Orlando. People look for reliability and often opt for businesses/products that their family and friends have recommended to them.

Creating Brand Image

A positive brand image is important for effective marketing. Your brand image will describe your firm and what it stands for. When dealing with clients or marketing through advertisement, focus more on value rather than your fees. Show your clients what you can offer them. If the clients believe you are professional and reliable, they will be willing to pay you a good amount.

Promotions and Discounts

Attract clients by offering discounts and different promotions with your services. For example, give a 10% discount to clients who successfully refer you to a new client for your firm.

Developing Your Website

The most popular accounting firms in Orlando are those with an updated and attractive website. Websites along with a social networking page can attract numerous potential customers. Ensure the website you make is user-friendly and informative.

Interacting with Client’s Vendors

Interact with your clients’ professional service providers and vendors. These are important referral sources and can assist you in promoting your firm. This will also help you in enhancing your firm’s reputation and image.

Community Services

Start offering community services. For example, work for any local charity or non-profit, hold a seminar to give basic accounting tips or how-to presentations. This will enhance your brand image, community relations, and visibility of your firm.

Better Networking

Market your accounting firm in Orlando by improving your networking. Become a member of local chamber of commerce or/and member of national or local professional services. Meet people, take part in discussion, tell them about your firm, offer accounting advice and remain in contact with everyone.

Seize Marketing Opportunities

Seize whatever marketing opportunity you can get. For example, promote your firm during the tax season. This is the time when people and businesses are looking for accounting professionals to help them. Confronted with liability of the current year and financial results of last year, individuals and business are urged to take professional assistance. Utilize direct marketing, face to face interactions, web articles, and press releases to market your business.

Designing a Website for Orlando Accounting Firm

Brand image is vital for marketing an accounting firm in Orlando. In this modern world of technology, people find what they are looking for with just a click. An attractive website design can attract customers easily. Potential customers will take one look at a badly designed website and will immediately move on to the other one without even bothering to read the content.

However, visual presentation isn’t enough as it will only grab the attention of potential clients to look around and read the content. You have to make sure your website is user-friendly, has well written content and has the right features to aid your clients. If your firm’s website looks professional, credible and trustworthy, it will portray a positive image. Have a look at some important tips to attract potential customers through your website:

Tips to Improve your Website

  • Visual Appeal: In order to attract potential clients, your website must have strong visual appeal. It must be user-friendly and look professional.
  • Navigation: Providing an easy navigation on your website will ensure your visitors stay on your website longer. Ensure visitors can locate all the common queries easily. Remember, visitors stay on a website not more than 30 seconds and then move on to other websites if they can’t find what they are looking for.
  • Mobile Device Compatibility: Make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. Majority of the people use their mobiles or iPads to attain easy access to the online world. Check if your website is working on android phones as well as iPhone and Windows phone. Accounting firms in Orlando have even started introducing their firm’s app for electronic devices for easy access.
  • Essential Information and Tools: Potential clients look for advice, tips and answers for their questions. Tax forms, tax calculators, links to important tax sites, and tax law sites ensure the visitors have all the information they need at one place.
  • Contact Information and Bios: Make sure your website has the contact details of your firm as well as bios of your key partners and staff so that visitors can easily contact. Update all the information regularly.
  • File Sharing: Many accounting firms in Orlando offer online file sharing option through different web portals. This aids their clients, lowers postage expenses and saves time. Providing a secure file sharing portal between the client and accountant will benefit not only the client but you as well.
  • Well Written Content: Tax and accounting advice, articles and newsletters included in your website must be informative and interesting. Keep them updated with current trends. Send a monthly or weekly newsletter to the current and potential clients with recommended reads.
  • Email ID Collections: Encourage your visitors to provide their email address to keep them updated. You can ask for their email ids through free newsletter signup or free advice and tips signup. This is a great opportunity to interact with your potential clients.
  • Include Videos: Adding how-to videos and presentations about tax advice, payroll tips, tax return advice and more will add variety to your website and will make it more interactive.

Orlando Accounting Firm Essential Features

For effectively marketing your accounting firm in Orlando, a regularly updated professional website is the one of the best ways to attract potential clients.  

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