Tax refunds can take a long time for processing, and might not even be as high as you expected them to be. For some, the process can even be confusing, particularly if you are filing your tax return in Kissimmee for the first time. Here is what you need to know about refund processing.

When Will You Get Your Tax Refund?

The answer to this question largely depends on the way in which you filed your tax return in Kissimmee. While doing this, you have to be every accurate and you have to ensure that there is not a single mistake. For instance, the spelling of your name and your dependent’s name should appear exactly as it does on your social security card. You should also tick off an appropriate filing status, which many people do not.

If you filled out your tax return in Kissimmee correctly and accurately on a paper based from, you should be able to hear from the IRS within six weeks from the date on which your form is received by them. If you find this period lengthy, you should file electronically and save time. On average, it would take about three weeks only, which is half the time taken for paper based forms.

How Do You Check Your Refund Status?

There are a lot of ways that would provide you details on your refund status. The easiest and fastest way is to use the tool offered by the IRS, which is called Where’s My Refund. This is available in the IRS website and would provide you information about your status if you enter your correct Social Security Number, your filing status and the amount you entered as refund on your return. Make sure you input the exact whole number, otherwise the tool would give an error.

How Would I Be Able To Receive My Tax Refunds?

You can receive your tax refunds by three methods. The fastest of these is to get your refund directly deposited in your bank account. However, if this is not suitable for you, you can request the IRS to provide you with a paper check or a US Savings bond.

What Would Happen If You Do Not Receive Your Tax Refund Or If You Receive An Incorrect Amount?

If you receive a refund that is larger than what you expected, you should not cash the check or use the money if you got it deposited in your bank account. Wait for a while and the IRS would send you a notice that mentions all the differences. Follow the instructions given in it and your problem will be solved.

If your tax refund is less than your expectations, you can use the amount, and you would receive the remaining amount later after contacting the IRS.

In case you do not get a refund, fill out the form ‘Where’s My Refund’ on the IRS website and submit it. Do this only if it has been more than 28 days since the date IRS mailed you the refund.

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