FTAX Blog Is filing your taxes hard? Yes we know that. But do you that you make the process even more difficult when you choose a wrong firm offering tax preparation Kissimmee? Do this, and you may even have to go through an audit which will worsen the situation even more? So how do you figure out which tax preparation Kissimmee services you should use and which should be cut off the list?

A survey that analyzed 19 tax preparers found that all of them made some mistake or the other when filing taxes. At times, they claimed too many  exemptions and at others they failed to utilize deductions. Do not want to get into this situation? Use our list of characteristics of a bad tax preparation Kissimmee to make a decision; if any firm has one of these, hire another one.

The tax prepare offers you a huge refund

If there is any tax preparation Kissimmee that guarantees you a huge tax refund, they are probably trying to get the better of you. No refund can ever be that big, and if your tax preparer states this without even viewing your financial documents, you can be dead sure of this. According to industry experts, any tax preparer that lures people by promising them big returns is almost always a scam.

A big refund is not always impossible; it can be availed if you mess up with the numbers on your tax return. However, this can also lead to a review and more problems in the long run. So why even bother getting into this?

 Your tax preparer has no proper credentials to show you

Did you ever run a check on your tax preparer? Make sure if they have correct identification and provide you with the required documents. Just recently, the IRS has started issuing Preparer Tax Identification Number of PTIN. If your tax preparer does not have one, they are probably not licensed.

Your refund does not go into your bank account

There are some tax preparation Kissimmee services that force their clients to deposit their refunds elsewhere and not their standard bank account. Often this may be the account of the tax preparer or some other fund. Whatever be it, do not fall for it because you will regret it later on. Your refund should always go into your bank account.

Your preparer charges you a fee based on your refund

Most of the tax preparation Kissimmee services have a fixed fee that has nothing to do with your refund. If a tax preparer tells you they want a portion of their return, you should heed caution. As long as the preparer is a prestigious one, this will definitely will not be. All that they consider is your the scope and size of your return, and not your refund.

BBB does not have positive reviews of the tax preparer

Find out more information about your tax preparer from the Better Business Bureau. Go through the record and ensure that it is clean.

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