FTAX Blog There are so many people who have confusions about the Individual Tax identification or the ITIN number. The ITIN number is actually a way that allows IRS to ensure that that everyone pays their taxes, even if they do not have a social security number. Over here, we will quickly go over some main facts related to ITIN number.

Basic Information

As already mentioned, the Individual Tax ID number of the ITIN number came into existence so that IRS could track tax records of people who do not have a social security number. Not everyone is eligible for Social Security Benefits, and if this is the case, they will not have an SSN. But as per the laws, they still have to pay their taxes. Now how will IRS identify them? With their ITIN number.

If you are also not eligible for an SSN, you will have to apply for an ITIN number. Once you receive this number, keep the letter safely with you and do not share it with anyone, otherwise you may become a victim of identity theft. Every ITIN number comprises of nine digits, the first of which is the number 9.

Individuals Not Eligible for an SSN

US is filled with legal immigrants, which have no Social Security Benefits, but still have their taxes to take care of. The following people are on the list.

  • If anyone is not a citizen of US, he is considered a nonresident alien. If this individual owns a business in US or receives income from it, he will have to file taxes. Please note that if you qualify the substantial presence or the green test, you may not be a nonresident alien.
  • A spouse or dependent of a legal permanent resident or US citizen
  • A spouse or dependant of an immigrant on temporary visa

Tax Benefits

The US citizens are entitled to a number of tax benefits, but an ITIN number holder may not be applicable for them. For instance, the Earned Income Credit or the EITC is valid only for US citizens. There are some other tax deductions and credits as well. Hire an accountant and they will guide you more about deductions which you can avail.

Applying for an ITIN number

If you want an ITIN number, you owl have to go through the following procedure.

  • Download the W-7 form from the IRS website. Fill it up and submit it along with a completed tax return form.
  • Gather documents which serve as proof of your identity and foreign status. You will have to submit these as well. The IRS accepts 12 documents for identification purposes. Whichever you are submitting, make sure they are on IRS lists.

During the process, if you have any concerns or queries, you can take help from an accountant. There are also several agents of the IRS and some tax assistance centers which will help you resolve issues that arise.

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