Undocumented residents require an SSN or ITIN number in order to work in the U.S.

Here is a short guide to help.


Unfortunately, not many residents are aware of what ITIN numbers are. They have not even heard of the word, let alone what it means. Paying taxes gives undocumented residents the opportunity to come in the good books of the government. Paying taxes shows you are obeying the law and shows the government you are not only a law abiding resident, but you are also of good moral character.

Those undocumented resident who have children are entitled to child tax credit. Sometimes the Government gives tax returns, but until and unless you do not have an ITIN number, you are not eligible to get your own money back.

Understanding What an ITIN Number is & what it does

ITIN number is a way to identify who has paid their taxes. It is a number given to all individuals who are not eligible for an SSN. These numbers represent each of the different individuals, if the person is married; the spouse is dependent on the individual and will be accounted for as one.

Dependants under the age of 18 will also come under the individual. ITIN number helps the IRS keep track of who is paying taxes fair and square, the IRS are a part of the federal government and fall under the revenue department. An ITN number is used for tax purposes only and has no other role what so ever. Undocumented residents should understand there is a difference in an ITIN number and in SSN numbers, make sure you know which has been given to you.

Purpose of an ITIN Number

ITIN Number has 2 purposes. The first is to help the IRS with tax information, knowing who pays taxes and who do not, and so on so forth. The other purpose of the ITIN number is that it is a part of the procedure of becoming a U.S citizen. If an individual is paying all of their taxes on time, this shows the government that individual and their family members obey the law, this gives the government a positive vibe about the family and helps them with their application procedure for citizenship.


An ITIN number is related to tax purposes only. If an individual receives an ITIN number, this does not mean the undocumented resident has achieved a status in the United States. This is really important, ITIN offers you no legal status, only helps the IRS know you pay your taxes that is it.


There are a certain people who fall under the criteria for the eligibility of an ITIN number; the following are those eligible people who do not have an SSN number:

  • U.S. Resident Alien Filing U.S. Tax Return
  • Nonresident Alien Required To File U.S. Tax Return
  • A Dependent or Spouse of an U.S. Citizen or a Resident Alien
  • A Dependent or Spouse of a Nonresident Alien Visa Holder

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